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When will we see Kakuta again?

Eton Blue at the Chelsea Megastore

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It has been a while since he has played. I know it is tough to get him some time with the other players around, but I really think he needs a little more time. I see him taking over for Deco and/or Joe Cole and he needs more experience first. I thought the Hull game was a good oppurtunity but with the reschedule he may not get a chance there with the African players coming back. Any thoughts or ideas?

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A lot of why we arent seeing more of him probably has to do with his physical size, and not just his abilities/talent.

The kids, despite all his abilities and promise, is pint sized. He probably spending a ton of time in the gym and eating specialized diets to try and get some mass on the lad.

I imagine we will see him a few more times in low profile games, but until he gets not only his talents, but size in order too, I dont think we can expectt o see a lot of him.

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I really thought we would atleast see him on the bench in the games when Drogs and the rest were playing in the ACN, but as far as I can tell he hasn't been on the pitch or on the bench in any of those games.

Not sure why that is because I thought he played well when he got the chance and when we play teams like Preston it really is a good opportunity to give young talents like him a chance. I'm not saying that we should do like Arsenal and have a kindergarden-lineup, but I did think we would see Kakuta on the bench atleast.

On the other hand we don't know everything that's going on at Chelsea. Maybe he has made Carlo cross in some way, or maybe he hasn't performed well enough in training and others have.

Maybe he has had a minor injury that the club hasn't told us about.

Could be a number of reasons. And I hope that the true reason is a good one.

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the lower leagues are full of players who made a massive impact as a young player, only to burn out and never progress. im sure our management know the best way to handle a prodigious talent like Kakuta and will do the right thing by the player as well as the club to make sure he becomes an important player for us in the future.

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At this point of the season we're in first place. Not wanting to mess that up, I feel like our coaching staff is trying to keep all of our stars that don't always start match-fit. That's why we're more likely to see Alex, Zhirkov, Ballack, Deco, Joey, etc. coming on as subs in the upcoming games than Matic, Borini, Danny or Kakuta. I'd like to see our youngsters get more playing time but not at the expense of our league position.

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