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Joey hails Ivanovic - so should we!


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Meanwhile, Chelsea playmaker Joe Cole believes full-back Branislav Ivanovic should be the club's player of the year, even though Didier Drogba has 25 goals so far this season.

"You look at a lot of full-backs in teams at the moment and they play like wingers," said Cole.

"Just look at Ashley Cole and Branislav Ivanovic in our team. They are as good at attacking as most wingers and I admire a good footballer.

"I think Ivanovic for us is fantastic. If I am going to give someone a mention I am going to give it to Ivanovic.

"He is a great player for Chelsea. I think he has been our player of the year to be honest."

One of the best for sure this season! Close race between him and Drogba! How ever it goes Branislav is a proof we make good acquisitions lot more than bad ones. We only bring out names like Sheva, Sidwell and Mineiro talking about recent acquisitions but fail to mention Anelka, Ivanovic, Malouda and co.

Hail King Ivan!!

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As superbly as Ivan has been playing there is no way he an get the player of the season award over drogba. Drogs goals have been keeping us in the title race so far, by far the most integral member of our team.

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His been great, but i'd like to see him put in a decent shift at centreback first. His always looked out of his depth there so far

If he's been our player of the season as so many (including myself) believe, why does it even matter?

If Drogba manages 30 goals this season you wouldn't say yeah he did okay but I wonder how he'd play at central midfield?

I know it's a slightly tenuous comparison as Ivan was originally bought in as a centre back but it still applies. Look what happened to Henry with Arsenal, he was bought in as a winger but I'm pretty sure Arsenal fans weren't saying "Yeah he's one of the best strikers in the world, but what's he like as a winger??"

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I think Ivan has had a great season and is the model of consistency. He's the sort of guy every team needs, an unsung hero who anyone would want beside them in the trenches. His level of commitment is the same regardless of the opposition or occasion. If a few other players would take a leaf out of his book we would be an even better side than we are now

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he's been the breakout performer of the season, but let's not get carried away.

ashley cole has been better, and our player of the season so far is easily drogba. when fit essien has been better too.

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If we're talking about consistency, no doubt Ivanovic is our player of the season. When the team has played good or bad, Ivan has been decent. I can't remember of one bad game of his so far this season, so I agree with what Joey said.

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Yeah, Ashley Cole was by far our best player before he got injured, then Drogba and Essien took up his mantle.

Ivanovic has been excellent though.

I could make a joke about Ashley Cole being a brilliant player off the field as well, but he keeps getting caught.

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