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Anyone recognise this cowboy film?

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Years ago, probably mid 80's, I was watching a cowboy film on the box (no video in my house those days) but I had to rush to work. I missed most of it. I've been waiting in vain to see if it ever came back to TV but with no joy.

I'm hoping this brief scene description will have you all recognising the film. The bit I remember most:

At least 2 outlaws where standing by a small bridge by a creek or stream, it was winter, snow and ice everywhere. The village idiot was being tormented by them. When one of them got board doing this he gives the idiot a pistol. He's too stupid to know what's happening. Anyway it's the outlaws chance to blast him for pointing a pistol at him. This he does and the idiot is blasted and flys backwards over the bridge and lands dead in the icy water.

I then rush out the door, as I'm late like the Sham 69 song on that's life!

Ring any bells?

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