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Eton Blue at the Chelsea Megastore

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Second what Blue nut said, horrible, sterile and soul less corporate pit, 2nd game I've been to there on Saturday and wouldn't be bothered if I never go there again.

Terrible for creating an atmosphere, upper tiers can't hear the lower teirs and, lower tiers can't hear the uppers. And neither end can hear one another. - However very pleasing on the eye, and looks good on the telly.

Too corporate for my liking, and too many day trippers, how they get ticket is beyond me!!!

There was a fella with his girlfriend there on Sat who spent most of the game waving to people sitting behind them, going up and down the stairs every 10/15 mins to the bars/toilet and left with 10 mins to go, I mean, what's the f*cking point!!! - Give your ticket to someone who'd appreciate it!

Oh and it's a bar steward to get away from, a national stadium with only 1 tube station and only one way in and out.

All that said, I'm hoping I'll get a ticket for the final, unlike last year.

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I like the new Wembley. With the exception of that debacle against Tottenham, it holds good memories for me. I'm fully expecting to see us lift the cup again on May 15th.

In my experience both at Wembley and Stamford Bridge, there are just as many, if not more, problems with "old style" supporters getting up to go to the bar during that game or turning up after the kickoff because they were in the pub until 2 minutes before the start.

I go to watch the football and like to get there beforehand and stay until the end. There is plenty of time to for a drink before and after the game.

It would help the atmosphere quite a bit too if people did get into the ground ahead of kickoff.

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You all make good points and i do agree with the sound issue it echos far too much and we need to be loud for the final cause even though pourtsmouth didnt sell out they were loud the whole game and we gotta be the loudest!


Don't worry......I'll bring my Bell and silly hat :(

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I quite like Wembley. As ethical said, apart from the Spurs game there I've had great memories.

I thought the atmosphere on Saturday was good. I was sat in the upper tier (Block 501) near the Villa fans and the chanting was pretty constant. Once Drogba scored the Villa fans shut up and they left in droves once Malouda scored.

Hosting next year's CL final ......... that would be nice

First team to win the FA Cup at the new Wembley...first team to win the CL at the new Wembley - I hope so!

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