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London Evening Standard Last Night

Tea Bar Boy

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would help !!

Well after that and similar performances thi season, i hope we've made the haters accusing us of being "boring" eat their words. Now lets win the double.


If we win the FA Cup next week , this will be our most successful season in history ! And , not that it matters, more successful than Jose's first season. What a time to be a Chelsea supporter


Carlo playing Belletti so he could get a medal - what a class act, all hail King Carlo! Don Fabio has to pick both Coles on that preformance alone.The whole team were brilliant.Onwards and upwards to Wembley for the double.Avram must be bricking it if he watched that


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huh i didnt click that the reason belliti got on was for his tenth match of the season, what a class act carlo is

Me neither, but what a guy, i love Carlo. I guess the last game argument might also be true (sadly) of Joey.

Glad to see both of them got a run out there!

Also, glad to see some shedenders get famous :rolleyes:

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