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anti chelsea brigade

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well now the dust is settling and that big f**k off piece of silver with a hint of gold is safely locked up in the stamford bridge trophy room, the anti chels brigade are once again showing there colours. I don't care about how sh*t everyone has been, what a supposedly sh*t season it has been or what the refs allegedly gave us or even how our rivals claim they've suffered more injuries boo hoo lol. They can call us cheats and talk about drogs tantrum cuz i really don't care cuz we are the champions (and it pisses them off lol) and our big ivorian has deservedly won the golden boot. However denying us certain awards takes the piss and shows how sour those grapes really are. Lma manager of the year roy hodgson. Ok he's done well but really!! Barclays manager of the year Harry Redknapp, oh finnishing 4th with a so called big club is beter than a possilble double in your first season when you have spent little moneys with a so called ageing squad is it? PFA and barclays premier lge player of he year Wayne Rooney, Ok he's great but the stats don't lie. Rooney played 32-26 goals-8 assists, Drogba played 32-29 goals-16 assists, Even lamps has 22 goals-18 assists from midfield and doesn't get in team of the season lol they can't take away our record breaking success but we'll never get any credit thats for sure!!! ;) KTBFFH

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