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Chelsea stars reveal they don't like Ashley Cole!


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"Nicholas...that really is a stupid hat"

"Thank you"

"...The headphones, the backpack, you look like a german kid on a school trip. Did you come up with this look yourself, do you think it's working?"

"Yeah..it's good. Everybody helped me because we have a big team..a big squad..big players...so credit to all the players."


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Apparently Nio had to sing to the fans when he first signing. Rumour has it, he rapped a French tune.

I'd LOVE to see that clip!

It's a tradition at Cobham that when you are a new signing, you've got to get up and sing a song. Joe Cole seemingly got up and belted out "Maybe it's coz I'm a londoner!"

So I bet this is what you are refering too, in which case I doubt anyone will have it. But It'd be cool if someone did

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