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Happy Days Lead to Random Thoughts


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Sunday was one of the best days of my life...

Anyway, the random thought is....if the laws of football had been changed at the start of the season and the offside rule had been got rid of, then, just for the fun of it, how would this have impacted the season's outcome?

When I played football during break at school, we had no offside, and sure enough, there would be a "goal-hanger" on each team who stood near the keeper and hoped to get a goal or two. And, I can't imagine anyone who could do that better than Mr. Drogba.

Also maybe the average distance of passes would increase as the game "stretches out", so not sure who gains from that?

Maybe the elimination of offsides would relatively harm the fastest players most, so Ballack gains and a Walcott or Wright-Philips loses out?

Well, the beauty of winning the league is you can now turn your mind to harmless happy thoughts!

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