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Whom do you want at Bridge next season


Signing for next season  

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  1. 1. Whom do you prefer as new signing for next season??

    • Aguero
    • Torres
    • Kaka
    • Ibramovic
    • Modric
    • Pato
    • Ribery
    • David Villa
    • Schweinsteiger
    • I am happy with Current team..No new signings required

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With us finishing the season with League-Cup double on a high we need to make the signings that make sense.So that we are able to retain our superb form in England and at the same time also win the ever elusive Champions League .

So I have collected the possible players about whom rumors are spreading all over the net.

So please vote for whom do you think of as a best deal for us and comment why you prefer him on the other options.

My vote goes for Aguero for the talent he possesses at age of 22-23 years.If we groom him well we can have a striker equaling the status of what CR7 was for Manure last year.

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Voted Aguero, but I think Aguero and Modric would be absolutely ideal.

The speculation surrounding us and Aguero has been absolutely huge, if we don't sign him I'll be furious.

Aguero seems to be obvious choice for most Blue Fans.

I hope we are somehow able to seal this deal in near future.

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Aguero, Modric and Hamsik please!

Being realistic I think we'll get none of the above though. But if I had to pick just one it'd be Aguero.

I believe with Aguero we had bright chances...But Atletico also managed to win Europa league with Aguero putting up great performance in tournament. So now I am in doubt will they be ready to sell player with such great potential.

Their economical plight might help us so we can do what we do best in such situation.

Keep our fingers crossed :)

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If I had to choose one it would be Kaka. None of the others would substantially improve the team.

Fully agree with this statement, Kaka would improve our team greatly where as someone like Aguero would just refresh our forward line.

However i've gone for Pato, i don't think Kaka is a realistic option and i think they will want to try him under new management. Pato would inject some much needed pace into our team, the guy is a rocket and he reminds me of a young cristiano ronaldo who doesn't go over the top skill wise but he certaintly knows how to beat a player. I don't think Aguero would suit a 4-3-3 where as Pato has some experience on the right wing and Ancelotti knows what type of player and person he is.

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I believe Kaka would fit into Ancelotti's system as no manager knows him better than Carlo. In addition, he would be a massive image boost, sell lots of shirts and pull in millions of fans. A midfield that includes Kaka, Lampard and Essien has a world class ring to it. In the event we don't sign Kaka my next choice would be Pato.

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