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So it's the final of the CL / FA Cup / League Cup / Community Shield / Local Testimonial Match / Whatever the hell game you want to insert, and the boys in blue are going to have to win this one from the spot. Who are your five you pick? Pick anyone from the current team, assume they get subbed in at the 119th minute if it's improbable they'd start a game this big.

I think 3 pick themselves (Lamps, Ballack, Drogba), but not sure for the other two. I considered Ashley, Flo, and Yuri (never seen him take one, I just get the feeling he could convert a fair amount of them) but in the end I think I'd go with Alex and Kalou. The power that Alex has seems like he could shoot right at the keeper and leave the keeper helpless haha, and Kalou has looked fairly certain on the spot in both Moscow and Wembley (from four yards out at Wembley is another question entirely it seems).

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I remember the confusion in the Community Shield when Deco walked up to take it, then was told that Kalou was supposed to take the 4th one instead of him, pretty sure Kalou put it top right corner to win. God, I remember in that shootout Ballack and Drogba hitting absolutely unsaveable PKs.

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Have the people leaving Kalou out actually seen him take one? He's surprisingly good. Very calm and assured.

yeah...Kalou is a calm player and seldom loses that calmness while playing.

He is good penalty taker as welland it has been proved on 3-4 occassions in last 1-2 years.

But right now people have memories of his dreadful miss in FA Cup final so they have easily forgotten those penalties :D

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According to himself, Essien will not take penalties ever again.


I really like Ashley on penalty spot. Left footed, calm, and I cannot remember him missing one. Kalou as well. Always hits the on top corner and quite accuately as well. In Moscow, we had Lamps, Ballack, Belletti, Ashley and Terry.

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I never knew that about Essien , I was wondering why he wasn't one of the first 7 to take one in Moscow.

2day I read that 2 years old article...I can just wonder how Essien must have felt when his deeply dreaded scare came into reality and we were forced in shootout and eventually ended on losing side....I hope he makes amends for that in next season CL :P.

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