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design a new flag

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I got this off cfcuk.net hope they dont mind me using it,said id post it in case any of you wanted to the design a flag. Great idea i think

Following the successful use of the two flags that are displayed in the Lower and Upper Matthew Harding tiers on home matchdays, Chelsea supporters have again been asked to show their artistic skills by designing a new flag to commemorate the team’s remarkable achievement in winning the Double for the first time in the club’s 105-year existence.

While fans of other clubs are renowned for the banter which they direct at Chelsea supporters claiming the side they support has ‘no history’, you have the chance to show the world that that is simply just not the case.

A benefactor has agreed to fund the manufacture of a new flag with the intention that the theme of the design highlights Carlo Ancelotti and his side’s triumph that made the 2009/2010 season one of the best on record.

We are asking you to send us your designs – in Jpeg format please – to reach us by July 12th (the day after the World Cup Final) and, once that date is reached, all the entries will be judged by our panel and a winner will be chosen.

As was the case in the last similar competition, a prize of two tickets for any match at Stamford Bridge in the 2010/2011 season will be awarded to the winning designer.

As well as a contest to find a design for a new flag, there is also one to find a new banner to also commemorate and encapsulate the spirit of winning the Double.

The banner will be displayed from between the Lower and Upper Matthew Harding Stands meaning that there is a maximum height restriction of 3 feet 1.1 metres but, as far as the width is concerned, your design can stretch to a maximum of 30 feet. – 9 - 9.144 metres.

The entry requirements are the same as for the flag with two tickets for any home match in the forthcoming season going to the winner.

Please send your designs by email to; cfcukfanzine@cfcuk.net.

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I always fancied doing a flag with players from our history, the present players and our young superstars. Past/Present/Future. But im lazy so im not gonna bother. :D

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