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Story for the ladies


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Imagine you are in Primark. You are second in the queue to be served but the girl in front of you has just realised she has left her purse in her car. Whilst she panics you realise you have done the same thing. There is however a potential solution available to you. Your friend is five places behind you in the queue and she can throw you her purse which you can catch and pay for your new shoes. The only problem is you are not allowed to move until the purse has been thrown so you have to time your move perfectly so that the purse is thrown, then you move forward, catch it and successfully jump the queue.

Now that is the offside rule explained in a language you can understand.

now keep it zipped for the next 4 weeks and no more stupid questions!

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It is a very cheap and nasty clothes shop where elegant ladies like you and me wouldn't dream of buying our clothes, Valerie. Clearly Loz has lower standards in matters sartorial than we have.

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I wish I had that one in swedish so that my mom could read it. I've been trying to explain how offside works for over 10 years now and she still don't get it.

One of the many football related things she don't get. Atleast she thinks Beckham is a great player who is also handsome and well dressed, so she does have some understanding of the game anyway.

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