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capello log-jammed in his methods


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YES he got us to qualify................same as Sven

YES he has brought in discipline.............and we needed it


He is out of date with his tactics, 442, big guy up front, long ball or channel etc etc. Where is the flare, different systems, 433 or 451 or whatever AND now he's picked a midfielder who isn't match fit cos he is log-jammed in his thinking and desperate to have a holding player - Barry same as KIng, not fit so won't last

Any half decent coach can work us out - press the back four, make em hit it long then win it back!

Come on Capello, have a rethink

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Or...or...he's doing his best given the limited talents of our squad and the injuries we've suffered. As much as I don't agree with every single thing Fabio does, do you honestly think we have the players to play with flair, and win? I would argue that all we are capable of is tactically solid, disciplined, pretty methodical football, and with a man in charge who is proven to be a master at building teams that get the job done, and actually win things, we should be pretty bloody pleased!

Or instead we could just ask King Kev if the circus can run itself for a few weeks....

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England have to play to their strengths and Capello is the man for the job. Granted he is defensive oriented but that is how you win World Cups these days e.g Italy 2006. England have finished first in their group in World Cup qualifications. Capello managed Real Madrid, a team of oldies, to play organised, disciplined football and win the league. He has converted the England squad into a first class outfit with the talent available to him. He is a master tactician who favours a 4-2-3-1 formation but is open to other options. Capello is what the doctor ordered.

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