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A classic picture every fan should have


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Seriously, I would want to know who got payed to come out with those kits?! I would have my reserves upon wearing those as painting clothes, let alone for a sporting event in front of thousands!

Dont you dare knock our silver and orange strip, I had one and loved it. Its beautiful... sort of.

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and me! You werent one of the lucky few hundred stuck in that hangar by Belgian Old Bill for four hours with no food or drink by any chance ?

Very nearly, we only missed out because the police van was full already!!!! We managed to get down a side alley and blag a young copper who let us go once some real trouble maker's turned up!

I was on the ferry home the next day and met the fella who'd been in front of me, and was bundled into the van. He explained the night they'd all had in a filed, being sprayed with water when they asked for a drink, and having bread roll's thrown at them when asking for food.

A great experience, apart from the result, but the home leg made up for that!! I'm sure the Belgium police added a bit of spice to that home leg, after the way they trated Chelsea fans out there. The crowd at the bridge certainly acted as a 12th man that night and the atmosphere was electric!

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awful awful awful, remember scoobyblue having all his kits on his wall including this, wondered why i stopped going round lol.... :Connie_threaten::shok:

Oi you watch what you're saying :laugh2:

So many great memories from us wearing that wonderful kit :D

I might fish it out of the cupboard and wear it to a game soon :blush:

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