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NY Times Grassroots Football Pictures

Eton Blue at the Chelsea Megastore

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Brilliant photos, thanks for posting them.

I went out to Malawi last year where we done some work in a school there, it amazed me the balls the kids made to play with but what amazed me more was just how good they were when we played them with proper balls that we'd taken over. They ran rings round us and it was their skill as much as their enthusiasm that done it. Football really is a gift from the gods, it's a shame we seem to forget that all too often in the "developed" world!

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Their homemade balls are probably better than Jabulani ;)

Great photos. I think all the big stars out there should have a look at them, or maybe the real thing. Football can be amazing without earning more money every week than most do in a year.

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That is really phenomenal. Its great to see that something like having a ball doesnt get in the way of the will to play. Its amazing that children that young can be so resourceful.

And glad to see that Chelsea has that "African Connection" going on

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