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Eton Blue at the Chelsea Megastore

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I've been prowling the forums for quite a while now, perhaps even as long as a year, but I finally decided to make an account because I wanted to view the rumors forum! Anyways, I'm a blue Yank ( :Scott: ) and I've been supporting Chelsea since the beginning of the 02/03 season. I remember it clearly because it was the season before Abromovich took over. I started supporting them because I saw a friendly of theirs the summer before the season began. I can't remember the stadium it was played in, but I do remember there were a fair bit of Chelsea fans because so many of them were singing. It was honestly a breath taking experience, even for a friendly. It's something you really don't get to see here in the states.

So yeah, as you can probably guess from my name, my favorite player is by far Drogba. I love his style, the way he uses his body to his advantage, the way he involves all his teammates, and his cool attitude. He gives some of the most hilarious interviews. It also has to be mentioned that I admire him because of his efforts in helping those less fortunate than us in Africa and the way he practically single handedly stopped the civil war in Cote d'Ivoire. I actually did my African research paper on Cote d'Ivoire just because of him, though I learned there is much more to that country than Drogba (Felix Houphouet-Boigny, anyone?). Finally, I think it's absolutely incredible that he loves his country so much that he played in the WC with a broken arm. That tells a lot about his character.

So here's to another great season, in Ancelotti we trust :429:

edit: I also edit my posts a lot.

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Hi, PD. I take it from your avatar that you're from Detroit. Welcome to the Shed End. I too edit my posts a lot because I type too quickly and make loads of typos. Then I'm afraid someone (especially Maksimov) will think I can't spell properly, so I edit to put them all right!

see? :laugh2:

Damn! I still missed a couple so had to edit twice!:blush:

Edited by moi
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Haha yeah I know that feeling.

Well I'm from Detroit but I currently live in Bay Area.

I'm embarrassed to confess I have absolutely no idea where Bay Area is! Sorry! :shok:

I only do it because I know you're so pedantic. :laugh2:

You and me both, sweetie!

Oh, wait a minute, should that be both you and I? ;)

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