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Our new third kit


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Boy oh boy. I guess it could be more horrifying, but no way in hell I will be buying that unless theyre giving it away.

This morning, I read an article about fans who are getting up with 3 new kits being trotted out every year, many of them bog standard, and how its becoming kind of a joke: http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport2/hi/football/eng_prem/8848630.stm

While Premier League clubs are within their rights to release a new home kit every season, the extent of the current situation is in stark contrast to recommendations made by the Football Task Force, chaired by former MP David Mellor, which were included in the 2000 Premier League charter to give fans a fairer deal.

The group's suggestions, which also included issues around ticket pricing, encouraged clubs to ensure a two-year gap between new replica shirts, which led to clubs releasing home and away shirts in alternate years.

Sadly, its the dippers and arsenal who have got it right by stipulating a new home shirt every two years. If the FA got back to enforcing this, and the clubs followed the lead of people like Birmingham by letting the fans decide,

You can always say "just dont buy them" but some people are always going to chuck money away by buying them, and the problem is never going to be fixed by any kind of boycott.

Clubs should have more respect for supporters than to remake these things every year. Then again, ticket prices just go up and up, so I dont think respect has much to do with it.

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I just buy the training kits they look so much better :JC_doubleup:

Agreed haha, I got the black/blue sleeveless one last year and am planning on getting the white one this year, fairly cheap and I wear them to work out in all the time.

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Well, it's not the worst I've seen. Far from it. But still, it's not great is it?

My first reaction when I saw it was "isn't that the keeper shirt Cech usually wears?".

As someone else said, it would perhaps have been better if the yellow was white instead. Or maybe black, with the black parts in white or maybe even green. Could have been better.

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Im pretty sure it is real though, I found it on a site where the pictures had been 'leaked', unless its just an idea and its been made to see what it looks like, but it looks genuine

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as ever i think it's best to reserve judgement until i see the actual shirt. i could be wrong but i'd be surprised if it's quite as green as it looks in the image above.

It's green? I thought it was yellow.

I just noticed the blue around the colar and going down the middle. It isn't helping.

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I prefered last season's white third kit alot more.

The white kit was excellent, shame it wasn't made our number two last season.

The new third kit on the other hand is terrible, I'm sorry to say. If they got D&G in to design suits for the lads they certainly weren't hanging around to help with the designing of that one.

Funny how we always judge away kits by the standard of 'we've had worse.' We certainly have, but we've had a lot better as well, last years third kit being a perfect example.

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If they got D&G in to design suits for the lads they certainly weren't hanging around to help with the designing of that one.

Maybe they did help. D&Gs suits look alright, but pretty much everything else they do looks terrible. :JC_doubledown:

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