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C'mmmmmonnn Chelseaaaaa...... So Cal USA

Eton Blue at the Chelsea Megastore

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Hey All-

New to the site.... Here's to another great season-

Anyone coming to Southern California to visit...please look us up-

The OC Blues/OCH watch all matches Live! down at the Olde Ship in Santa Ana, CA

1120 W 17th Street - Santa Ana, CA - theoldeship.com for directions

Would love to meet any UK Chelsea coming over- many say we run the "Shed End West"..hahaha

Good to find the board

C'mmmmmmmmmmmonnnnnnn Chelseaaaaaaaaa


PS- Yes, they do serve pints at 6:00AM PST for hardcore morning Kick off...

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Nice one, met a few of you in Seattle during last season's kick off. You guys still go to the "Olde Ship" (I think that's what it is called).

I was in San Diego for the match against Man U last year, 4am kick off so didn't fancy making the drive, but might make it dowre another time

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Thanks boys...that's us- come on down to the Ship anytime you're over...

Went to all 4 US pre-season matches last year Seattle was in Fados if I remember right- great times...

Thanks for the warm welcome-


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I was in Fado's too, then we all left en-masse to the stadium. If you were in that back room of Fado's I probably spoke to you. Spoke to a few of the lads there including some bloke from London that looked like he was still touring with the sex pistols. Actually had a good chat with him, he did tour about with some of the punk bands back on the day.

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So the CIA invasion has now reached the next level.

Wraymundo is someone you might want to avoid early in the morning. That is, if you mind getting drenched with strongbow during the bouncy.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the jewel of Orange County. He is definitely Shed End quality. There isn't a strip club in San Diego that would disagree with that claim.

Which reminds me Wray, West Ham away this season...we need to plan our trip.

Welcome you crazy bar steward.

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Figured he was one of your mob, Danny! Do you know who the English punk guy was I met in Seattle? He was from OC I believe

That was "roadie' from Oakland- he and his wife hit all the US CFC matches (i have heard he can't touch UK soil again- so he get his Chelsea fix) Was a roadie with some metal/ punk bands in the 80's - Pistols & such...good guy

Mac & others ... Don't believe a word Danny says- all lies..hahahahahaha


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