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Ryan Bertrand


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Hi guys.

Hope you don't mind me joining up. As the name suggests, I'm a Forest fan and was wondering what we can expect from Ryan Bertrand? Joined on a 6-month loan from you guys. From what I saw last season, he looked like a very good player at this level? As he was originally a winger, is he a bit suspect in defence?

Any info would be greatly appreciated! Cheers.

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You've got no worries.

I'm really disappointed and surprised we've let him out on loan again. Personally I would put him ahead of van Aanholt and close to Zhirkov in the left back pecking order, I prefer Zhirkov playing further up the park, but obviously my opinion is no longer wanted at Cobham. f**king Italians!

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Shrewd pick up. Should provide a good option going forward on the left, looks a bit positionally suspect at times but he'll certainly be serviceable if not better than that. Will probably sort out the left back problems that I read you were supposedly having last season.

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Welcome to the forum and congrats on getting him signed up. I really am pulling for Forest to win the championship this year and get back where they belong.

Like Tim, I am disappointed to see Bertrand go out again. We have about five "ready" defensive prospects at the club, and Bertrand and Mancienne seem to be forever going out on loan. In Mancienne's case I dont know if he would be a good fit for the first team, but I think Bertrand really deserves a shot to see what he can do as a first team backup.

If his time at Reading is any indication, you have got yourself a real player. Best of luck for the new season.

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Cheers for the responses, and the welcomes, Guys.

It seems to have caused a bit of a stir on the Forest sites that we've loaned Bertrand, and by the looks of things, we're right to be excited. From doom and gloom a week ago to "Premier League here we come" now! The fickleness of a football fan eh?

Best of luck for the season! Will be looking forward to you lot beating United to the title again, can't stand Ferguson, the little red-faced Jock T***!!

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