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Chelsea vs Man Utd (CS) 08/08/10 1500 KO


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So -


Ferreira---Ivan--------JT------A Cole




Glad to see Hilario got the nod over Turnbull. I can see the right back position being a problem for us in this Community Shield as in last year's, however. Looking forward to Bosingwa's return.

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When is Boswinga back ?

Hopefully he will be ready to be in our squad next week ::ChELSeAFaN::

Take it easy with Bosi, he comes back from a long term injury and what matters most now is that he fully recovers well and doesnt have any set back

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so looking forward to this game

after the miserableness of the world cup, and only watching the pre-season friendlies on streams

cant wait get on the train to london sunday morning, and go watch the lads at wembley again

hopefully we will turn on the style and give the mancs a good battering

some may say its only a glorified friendly, but theres no such thing as a friendly against the mancs. we should beat em and beat em good

give us a good mental edge put one over fergie the haggis muncher early on

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Not very confident on this one, still just a glorified pre-season friendly which we won last year but yeah I don't know I've just got this feeling in my gut that it could go tits up.

Im hoping we will be on top after this one and hopefully after a 3-0 trashing. Winning this one could boost our confident ahead of the premier league season!

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Our pre-season games did not instil much confidence.

However, I believe the week-end game against Man U will be a good indicator of how our training progressed.

I'm not reading too much into the Charity Shield as it's a poor indicator of the upcoming season.

Hopefully some of our youngsters will get playing time.

I hope we avoid serious injuries.

Looking forward to going into the new season.

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Not a great deal of form going into this one from us. But United have injury problems as well, so I think we are still favourites though it will be close either way.

I know people think this is just a glorified friendly, but I think it is really important psychologically for us to get a win here. We've let a few blokes go and there is a bit of a new feel to the squad, so winning this fixture after losing our other pre-season matches would be a great boost to the morale of the team going into the first match of the new season against WBA.

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I'd put Kakuta and Matic in from the start. If we lose no harm done its pretty meaningless if we win with a few kids in that would really get the mancs on about how Fergies past it and the board should have spent big. Nothing like instability at the start of the season

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I think the winner of the Shield has won the league each of the last three years. Coincidence?

Of course.

Coincidence? Of course!

Charity Shield Premier League

1992 Leeds Man U

1994 Man U Blackburn

1995 Everton Man U

1997 Man U Arsenal

1998 Arsenal Man U

1999 Arsenal Man U

2000 Chelsea Man U

2001 Liverpool Arsenal

2002 Arsenal Man U

2003 Man U Arsenal

2004 Arsenal Chelsea

2006 Liverpool Man U

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