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Abramovic linked to buying Dutch club Vitesse


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Yesterday something happened in Holland that never happened before in Dutch football history, a club, Vitesse, was sold to a foreign owner.

Vitesse was in serious financial problems, and were basicly just months away from going bankrupt.

The guy who bought the club yesterday for 4 millions euros is Merab Zjordania from Georgia, an ex football player, but also a little bit of a bad boy.

After his football carreer he became the boss of the Georgian National FA, in that position he made himself manager of the national team, and eventuelly he got caught stealing money from the Georgian FA. He also once got caught on Tiblisi airport with 300.000 dollars in cash... He later on went working on the transfer market, negotiating and stuff, selling eastern european players to foreign clubs.

But now the juicy news that just went out. Multiple sources are saying this Merab Zjordania isnt a billionaire (Zjordania himself say he is, you must be pretty smart to go from a avarage football player to billionaire), sources are saying this guy is only worth about a couple of million euros. Sources close to Abramovic have confirmed that Merab Zjordania is a friend of Abramovic, and Abramovic is using this guy so it doesnt look like Abramovic is the owner.

The club will probably be used to stall young players, another rumour saying an youth talent from Barcelona's 2nd team, who was about to sign to Chelsea, suddenly signed to Vitesse...

Translate this site to english for some more info: http://www.quotenet.nl/biz/vitesse-is-voor-100-van-roman-abramovich.php

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Does anyone know if theres actually anything illegal in this, just wondering why Roman just hasnt straight bought them.

Ive read some things about a FIFA rule that says a person may only own 1 club at the same time, dont know if its true tho.

That's why he's probably using that other guy as a puppet.

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Ive read some things about a FIFA rule that says a person may only own 1 club at the same time, dont know if its true tho.

It's not true. Under FIFA rules no owner can own more than one club in the same Championship. Basically it would only become a problem if it were likely that we would face Vitesse in european competition, which, with all due respect, is unlikely. And even if it were the case, the only thing that would happen would be one of the clubs would have to be withdrawn from the competition.

There would be no problem with Abramovich owning Vitesse, he could even use it as a proving ground for our young players and stay within the rules. I'm not sure what Eredivisie rules are like, but the only rules he would break here are ones of transparency of ownership.

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A newspaper in Estonia that last week reported that NEC were about to be taken over by Abramovich, was probably a little right after all. The newspaper wrote that NEC had become a target for the Chelsea-owner, but the people in Nijmegen denied everything. The reporter later said that he wasnt sure it was about NEC, but he was really sure dat Abramovich was busy taking over a Dutch club. 3 days later Jordania (the georgian) bought Vitesse.

NEC = Nijmegen

Vitesse = Arnhem

Those cities are just 20km away from eachother.

Seems like that reporter was right after all ;)

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Arnhem? Nijmegen? Maybe Roman is planning a little operation Market Garden of his own. We do already have a partnership with PSV Eindhoven. ;)

In all seriousness, though, I appreciate that he is trying to help that club out, but I don't think this is a good idea, if true. That FIFA rule does definitely exist, and I remember the press digging over Roman's relationship with CSKA Moscow in the past, especially before we played them.

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It's no surprise that a club owned by a friend of Abramovich is linked to loans for Chelsea players, everybody in football uses their contacts. Look at the amount of loans Ferguson Junior gets from Manchester United, the amount that Brendan Rodgers has had from us (as well as buying a player.)

I don't see how it means that Roman has any influence over the club. And if he uses his contacts there to get our young lads some first team football, it's beneficial for both clubs.

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