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Mourinho leaving Inter


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Just ran across this video, not sure if it has been posted before if it has mods please delete. Shows what kind of effect (we knew this already) Mourinho has on his players.

English Translation

Materazzi said: "Hoje termino a minha carreira, porque, depois de ti, não poderei ter outro treinador."

In english: "My carrer is over bacause, after you, I can´t have any other coach".

I'll admit I'm loving life with Carlo at Chelsea and I'm glad things turned out the way they did, but Jose will always be a f*cking legend, apparently at Inter as well as Chelsea.

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He brings success wherever he goes,but the way he does it is unique,he makes his players feel loved and they can look to him as a father figure,i remember when he left us,he went to the training ground to say goodbye to every player in person.He really is a special man,although it will be interesting to see what happens if he doesnt win the league with real this season as to weather the fans/board stick with him as they seem very impatient at real.

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Jose is special for that reason . when his team wins , it is Mourinho the winner and when his team lose , it is Mou the loser . He takes all the pressure in himself and thats the reason players love him and make a strong bond with him . He is truly a special one !!!

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