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Try this player in a new position ?


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I sometimes think about trying a player in a new position . Not just a fantasy move but kinda trying the player for suitability to a new role .

It is always the coach that decides the best position for a player . So let us don the carlo cap ! . Which player from our first team / reserves , do you want to be tried in a different position and what position would that be ?

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In the current squad, I think the roles are pretty specialised.

However, I always wanted to see Ricardo Carvalho pushed into central midfield. Carvalho was a good passer and had an excellent shot on him as well.

If John Terry was a bit faster, he'd make a quality striker.

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Interesting choice of Ricky for the central MF . But yeah , he is a very good passer ..

I would like to see Drog played as a deep lying playmaker :) . He has exquisite passing and creates chances . say we forget his striker's skills for now .

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I've always had a feeling Alex would work well as a Defensive Midfielder if we were ever short in that department. I'd like to see Zhirkov given a chance on the right wing, perhaps him and Malouda could interchange during the match every 15-20 minutes

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Ivan - CDM...he has the attributes.

Anelka - CAM.... He almost plays like this now how far he drops back. Can score them but seems to be more adept at creating goals now.

ACole - from LWB to LW.....some games youfigure a new comer assumes he is a LW the way he gets forward...and some of his finishes out our actual wingers to shame!

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Nice thread idea.

Yeah, mine would be for Yuri too, but I would want to see him high and wide left in a 4-3-3, or better yet behind the striker as an attacking midfielder. When we got him, there was just an endless supply of highlight reel goals he scored by surging halfway up the field, I would love to see him with that kind of license to attack more (we saw it a bit last season)

Here is one for the video game crowd. Frank as a supporting striker using his nose for goal, but without the late runs. Actually that might rob him of his main offensive weapon.

I wouldn't mind that woman off Chelsea TV in a new position.

tut tut!

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