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Hello Everyone,

It's been a while since my last blog and I have to admit I have missed each and everyone of you!

It has been a long, hot and beautiful summer which is drawing to a close but it's not all doom and gloom because the football season is going to take over and I am excited about it as much as you all are.

I was going to talk about the World Cup in my first blog of the season but so much has been said about it, I won't bore you with my thoughts. The only comment I will make about the World Cup is Ghana did better than England and I predicted that would happen.

Back to this season, we have set our targets as high as we possibly can and the aim is to win every competition we enter. The Community Shield is out of the way so we now have four trophies to go for and we are all focused on giving it 110%.

Pre-season was strange and difficult at the same time because it marked the start of my playing comeback. It started with a win against Crystal Palace and we struggled after that right until the start of the season. I think it was mainly due to the fact the team got together at different times and the fitness levels and sharpness differed for individuals during the various games.

That is all history now because you can't ask for more than three games played, three wins with 14 goals scored and none conceded. That is the reason why I am excited about this season. The team has been together for the last four-to-five years and the understanding is getting better each year.

We cannot get carried away and have to keep working hard to win everything. As a player you get the inner feeling that something big is around the corner and I feel the same way I felt last season when we won the Double. However I am sure we can go one further and add the big one - the UEFA Champions League trophy - to our collection of trophies.

Everyone knows how much winning that will mean to us. As a team we have won every domestic trophy and so it's only natural that we have the hunger for the European trophy. That is not to say we don't care about the Premier League, FA Cup or Carling Cup. We want to win every competition we enter this season and we will do all we can to win them all.

We will need the support of all the fans who were with us through thick and thin last season. I still have memories of the Double parade at the end of last season and would love to do it all over again at the end of this season. I can't wait to hear the manager sing 'Paa-pa-pa-pa-pa-paa' again. It's the best Italian song I have heard since Pavarotti and it still makes me laugh even watching the DVD now.

On a totally different subject, I have been honoured by the African Union. They have chosen me to be a peace ambassador this year. The main aim of my role will be to help promote peace through my football. I will be blogging about that next month so will leave it there for now.

The first letter they wrote to me about it was addressed to 'Ambassador Essien' which shocked me a bit because it sounded like I was a high-flying politician. All I do is play football but if I can promote peace and help those struggling in war-torn areas, then I will do all I can.

Finally, after Ghana lost to Uruguay in the World Cup through the Suarez hand ball and subsequent penalty shoot-out loss, Ghanaians were naturally upset. However some of them saw the funny side of it and came up with a new word 'SUAREZ' which made me laugh and this is what it means:

'SUAREZ' means

(Verb). a. To viciously and proactively inhibit or halt the progress of a person, an establishment or a nation. e.g. The team's opportunity to score was SUAREZed by a member of the opposing team.

(B ). To act in a way that is deliberate and intentional, though spontaneous, yet calculated to frustrate the advancement of an adversary. e.g. As pressure built up in the dying moments of the game, a shot at goal was SUAREZed by an opponent standing next to the goal post.

(Noun). a. A state of being where all your efforts are visibly and overtly being frustrated and impeded. e.g. I am in a state of SUAREZ, please don't stress me further.

(Adverb) Describing a frustrated state of mind where force is directed, deliberately and intentionally. e.g. The Uruguayan SUAREZedly prevented the ball from entering the post.


Frustrate, prevent, stress, halt, oppose, challenge, resist.

Enjoy your month and watch out for more from me.



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Usually Africans enjoy their life and sport a lot and Essien is a perfect example . It is great to see them laughing around and making fun .

sadly , I don't find that among the english players . The likes of Terry , Lamps , Gerrard , Carragher standing grim faced in the tunnel before the game as though they are heading for a war . Gerrard and Terry stand alongside each other and they don't even smile at one other . However players from Africa , other european nations embrace each other and play the game as fun ( though there is no doubting their concentration during the game ) and that is how it should be ..

well not to forget , the one english player who enjoys his game is Ashley cole and he is the best english player at the international stage .

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