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Fascinating insight into the plague of hernias at CFC

Eton Blue at the Chelsea Megastore

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We commonly hear that its outrageous in regards to the sums of money being thrown at the sports industry and those prominent within it. I slightly agree but I also realise this only occurs because we, the fans, make it so by giving them the money and setting the precedents with out demands/purchasing.

However, I think some benefits of this are over looked such as the money that the sports put into medicine research and development. I still think its sad that someone with a serious condition may have to wait months for a MRI/operation, yet a footballer can get one the day they get hurt....but I suppose as long as they are paying premium medical costs it benefits us all in the long run with the medical industry getting big infusions in cash and research ( I think Milans sports/science lab actually has medical R/D staff employeed full time).

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