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Football Manager 2006 Problem

Eton Blue at the Chelsea Megastore

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One of the issues with the weeks before uni starts is that you have an awful lot of free time on your hands, so my friend and I have spent most of our time playing Football Manager 2006.

It started ok, we got through a season, filtered out the crap in the squad and got some decent players in, but we've come across a problem.

Midway through June (mid World Cup '06) the game crashes after a certain date and there doesn't seem to be anything we can do to get it past that date. I tried going on holiday, resigning, adding a different manager, but nothing seems to work.

Can anyone help?

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I have no idea mate...but I will say, it's not a rare occurence among older management games in my experience...and I have a lot...too much

For example, I've had a similar issue when playing Fifa Manager 2006...where it continues to crash around the same time and can't get past it.

And an identical situation with CM4...I was playing it a while ago...and was really enjoying it. I'd just transformed Carlton Cole into an England player and signed a brilliant young Arteta...but it got to a certain point that just can't be advanced from.

After that, I had to return to FM2010 with my tail between my legs all sad I couldn't continue my game lol

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ha...speaking of Bramble being unshocking...

The first manager game I brought (not the first I played...) was FA Premier League Manager 2002...based on the 2001/02 season.

It was an interesting one. We had the likes of Bosnich, Le Saux, Babayaro, Zola, a young Terry and I loved that game. So simple, but very addictive at the time. They had players getting a skill level out of 100. I always purchased Bramble early, becasue in the end, he got to about 90/100...then again, so did Jamie McMaster...who was once at the centre of a debate over whether he would play for England, or Australia. Needless to say, his career didn't map out quite as well as the game thought it would.

The game ludicrously overrated so many players, but it was great fun...esepcially at the time. Who would have thought Rati Aleksidze wouldn't become a world class striker?

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Only in FA PLM could a formation like this work:


.......RB CD CD CD LB






Winston Bogarde was a God. Figo was my AMC, RIvaldo was my CF. Each of Figo, Rivaldo and Jimmy Flloyd scored an average of 30+ per season. Petit in DMC outscored ANYONE playing in MC (usually by about 10 goals).

That game NEVER made sense (Kanu and Wiltord were actually good forwards), but addictive as hell.

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Yeah, the game was pretty ridiculous. I remember trying to get a 4-3-3 to work and failing miserably.

In other news, my Football Manager file seems to have sorted itself out, although I managed to get sacked from Newcastle and somehow got the Valencia job. I signed Drogba and De Jong and am planning an assault on the Spanish League. I recently beat Barca 3-0 and had a pretty ridiculous 7-7 draw with Real Sociedad.

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