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Dani Alves

Eton Blue at the Chelsea Megastore

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Woke up today to this news.


Manchester City and Chelsea get ready to pounce with Dani Alves and Barcelona locked in contract stalemate

Manchester City and Chelsea are monitoring Dani Alves's contract talks with Barcelona, with the Brazil defender still yet to agree new terms with the Spanish champions.

The world's most expensive right back has been linked with England's big spenders since failing to land the new contract he felt he deserved at the Nou Camp.

The attack-minded Brazilian has been offered an extension to his deal to stay at the club until 2015, according to the Spanish press, but the sticking point appears to be the player's wage demands and talks have dragged on for months with no sign yet of any resolution.

Alves's current deal ends in 2012 and there are fears in Catalonia that the man signed for £28million in 2008 could walk away for nothing, with the Premier League big guns waiting in the wings ready to make mega-money offers.

The 27-year-old former Sevilla ace's agent, Joaquin Macanas, continues to negotiate with Barcelona.

I'm sure this is pure b*llocks though.

We don't need him when we've got Boss and Ivan.

Also, if he comes I'll vomit.

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Not going to happen:

The 27-year-old former Sevilla ace's agent, Joaquin Macanas, continues to negotiate with Barcelona...

... and is spreading rumours in order to get his client the best deal possible, and more importantly from his point of view, an even higher percentage fee.

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I know i said this about A. Cole before he came here, but this guy is probably the biggest arsehole in the game today. Just a nasty nasty piece of work at any given moment in the game. I would sooner see us get El Hadji Diouf than Dani Alves.

Thank god the story is from the mail because you know its pure trash. Good luck to him with your new contract, you c**t, ive heard about a few pyramid schemes that would look good for all your millions. Hopefully Essien goes studs up into your nuts next CL match.

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His face reminds me of Mordors army in Lord of the Rings

and wow.....my virginty grew back the second I referrenced Lord of the Rings in a Football forum.....



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Anyone watching the Barca Zaragoza? Alves, being a punkass as usual, gets his ear flicked by a RZ player in retaliation.

I dont think I need to tell you what happens next, but lets just say Busquets would be proud.

From the match commentary on Eurosport.com

"Oh dear. Ponzio stuck his hand out to literally flick Alves's ear, like you would to a classmate at school, and the Brazilian went down like it was an elbow. It was weird from Ponzio but Alves's reaction is disgraceful, he's rolling around still as if he was punched. I hate him."


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purely specualtion, there is no way that this will ever happen. Roman has said our big spending days are over unless there is a special circumstance. Considering how well stocked we are in that department i see no such circumstance here.

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Manchester City and Chelsea target Dani Alves is edging closer to a contract extension with Barcelona, according to his representatives.

"Everything is moving slower than expected but we are moving forward, " said Alves' advisers in the Spanish Sport newspaper.

The paper said that telephone contacts and meetings between the club and the player's adviser had been accelerated in order to iron out the major sticking points.

It claims the duration of the new contract has never been a major obstacle, with an extension of two years with an option for a third agreeable to both sides. However, the two sides cannot agree on the player's salary, currently 3 million euros.


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You mean he`s maybe not moving after all, and this could have just been his agent putting out rumours to get a better contract? Well I never.....

Tough to believe isn't it.

I reckon one more (relatively) frugal summer and we'll not have to worry about these kind of links, the big spending image is wearing away I think with the youth players progress etc.

Just on Alves, I think had he signed when we threw practically everything at Sevilla in 2007 we would have loved him here. One of those he's a c**t but he's our c**t kind of things. He's an odious little f**k, but a good player in my mind, he made a massive impact for Barcelona in that first season he played there and I think was a big reason for their success.

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