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Roman interested in Guardiola

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So found out this morning that we have been linked with Pep Guardiola as early as next season, which for me is 100% bullsh*t but still a rumour right?

I only found the link in spanish but im sure some English sites has it up as well, google translate if you want but it's quiet clear that its about Roman wanting pep even if you dont know spanish. (Got the translated version in Swedish only, sorry)


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100% pure bulls*it. We have a manager that last season helped us to win the double and this season he's brought us to first place with a huge goal difference and five points down to our nearest opponent.

So why would we want to change?

Surely that defeat against Newcastle didn't hurt that much?

Unless we start losing every game and Carlo says he'll send JT, Drogba and Lampard to Liverpool for free I don't see why we would let him go and bring a git like Guardiola in.

Seriously, I understand that all newspapers like to create rumours, but surely they can atleast try to make them plausible?

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Why would that move make sense for Guardiola, Chelsea or Barcelona? Guardiola is one of their own boys and he has been quite successful so far at Barca. But even with all the success he's had, I wouldn't want a manager with so little experience to take over at Chelsea. I don't think Guardiola would have got the job if he wasn't a Barca man. Ancelotti has managed to steady the ship and turn Chelsea into a team that plays good football and we're even seeing youngsters getting their chance to prove themselves in the first team.

So the whole notion of us going for Guardiola seems absurd to say the least.

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Here's an English translation, courtesy of Google:

Abramovich wants Pep next season

Roman Abramovich wants to Pep Guardiola on the bench at Stamford Bridge next season. The Russian billionaire has already taken the decision to terminate the phase of the Italian Carlo Ancelotti ahead of the blues and has initiated a strategy to try to convince the Catalan coach to assume the technical leadership of Chelsea.

Guardiola out of contract with Barcelona on 30 June and that despite attempts by the president Sandro Rosell to ensure continuity of Santpedor, who wanted to become "the Ferguson's Bar ça", only managed to snatch a renewal season. Both parties agreed that the contract be renewed automatically every year when so requested by the technician. For now, Pep is still not say anything about it.

In addition, beginning with Rosell not been a bed of roses. A Pep did not like the sale of Chygrynskiy (which he called last season) and the president was not convinced and salary of Tito Vilanova, coach (which is the highest paid assistant in the league beating most technical of First ) and the Technical Secretariat suggested by Pep.

All indications are that, as happened a year ago, in January again unleashed the rumors about the continuity of the technician. Last academic year, under pressure that was directly related to the electoral process in the club, Pep had to appear and ensure that whoever won the election won, followed by a year at the helm.

This course no electoral pressure and most likely Pep reserve their opinion until the last moment and this does not depend on the results, but personal chemistry with the environment.


And here's a translation courtesy of me:

Garbage. Complete and utter 100% unadulterated crap.

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The players love Carlo, and Carlo appears to love the club....

I think he wants to be here to help us win the ECL...

Until then, I don't see him considering leaving, and if he keeps pulling in EPL titles, we have no reason to get rid of him. He's my favourite Chelsea manager for a long time...and Guardiola would certainly not be an upgrade.

The article is just crap. If the club did sack Carlo after what he's done for us, we'd be the laughing stock of worldf football...and Roman isn't that stupid.

He did say he wanted to manage international football in the future...but I think he will be at Chelsea for a fair while longer.

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Guardiola is not good in man management ... He had conflicts with Eto , Ibra etc ., How on earth can a manager allow a player like samuel eto leave your club considering he is still on top of his game ..

He is 100 % what Carlo said in an interview sometime back - "Managers must allow the players to express and show emotion , not like some young managers today who think the player must be listening to him all the time"

Guardiola is exactly that type of a manager and with egos like Drogba , JT in our club , it is hard to see Pep adjusting to the players ...

Carlo is the man !!! The news is all rubbish .. They were previously linking us to Barcelona players and now even to the manager , Gosh !

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why messi and xavi ?

we have malouda and super frankie -.-

this is my point of view ;

there is coach lead players and there is players lead the coach for instance ;

Ancelotti lead chelsea no one can dey this meanwhile xavi and messi lead Guardiola and his staff and the proof is barcelona's tactic did not change since recard was coach .

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How do these Journo's think they can write such rubbish? Do they have a direct line to Roman to find out what he's thinking?

I honestly view Carlo as a winning coach who has one eye on utilizing our academy. We are stable and liked as a club under him, we are being run smartly by bringing in youth, a couple squad signings and the occassional big name. This is a way I see Roman being happy with the club being run, and for absolutely no reason can I imagine why we'd even be looking at another manager.

Absolute rubbish

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