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Can't we promote good players from our academy ?

Eton Blue at the Chelsea Megastore

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Hi , shed end-ers ! I 've been trying to start this forum for a long time now . So , Do bear with me for some repeated points that have been already discussed in our forum . I was going through our reserves and youth squad and even the FIFA 11 squad of chelsea helped me know about some of these players . I 've not watched some of them play but atleast I tried to gather information about the players and their qualities .

Lately , We have been found short in central defence and some other areas and everyone has spoken at length where we need to improve . But I was just re-visiting the list of our loaned players and see that we have a good , if not the best , breed of players and why not promote them or groom them to being very good players in the future ?

I see a list of potential good talents and I believe these players can make it to our senior side . I may be wrong about some players , so tell me about what you feel and who can or can not make it to our senior side .

Defence :

In central defence , we are definitely short of options . But I see that some quality players are out on loan and they can definitely be groomed properly to make them quality players . When I see players like phil Jones , Johny Evans ( not this season though ) etc. I believe that our academy products will surely come good .

Slobodan Rajkovic - 3 season in the Dutch league and seen high praise about him . I 've not seen him play . He is 21 , Wiki says he was our record priced under -18 buy and I wonder , Is he not going to come good at chelsea ? Should we give him chance next season ?

Jeffrey Bruma - highly talented youngster . Tall , athletic , good in the air - lacks positional sense . But he is still very young . He is one for the future . Should we hold on to him rather loan him in the window ?

Michael Mancienne - whenever I see him , he is playing well ( may be a coincidence ) . If we don't regard him high , why not try him as a midfield enforcer ? Sure he is good in that position . But is CB not his actual position ? Give him chance , anyone ?

And we have Tomas Kalas ( 5 million says wiki ) and Nathaniel Chalobah ( 15 yr old ) in the reckoning for the future . we have quality PVA and Bertrand as LBs .

Midfield :

Our midfield is good now . Josh is progressing well . When a sergio busquets can get a starting spot in team like Barcelona , our youngsters are not too bad for them to be never considered as a future first team-er . Agree the leagues are different , but still it pains me to see busquets as a starter !

Our options are

Nemanja Matic - sublime passer , tall , strong and has all the attributes of a potential good box to box player . Will he get to play with us in the immediate future ?

Jack Cork - I see in this forum that some of them rate his performances for burnely as very good . If given time and trains alongside our MF champions , will he not come good ? I reckon he will be a good enforcer a la scott parker .

Conor Clifford / Michael woods ( our controversial buy ) - Will these players ever make it to our first team ? Considering how we tried hard to sign them , Do we alteast ( not necessarily because we tried so hard or spent so much , just that they are our academy products at the end of the day ) have to give them a fair chance to show their mettle ?

Then comes the likes of Tore , Sala , Mellis etc .,

Attack :

We need to invest for sure in this area in the near future . Kakuta has signed a new deal now . We must try to keep hold of Borini .

Is Lalkovic good to become a first team player with chelsea ?

In the list of players mentioned above , there are expensive buys ( for that age ) , some controversial transfers etc., But keeping that aside , Are these players real good ? If yes , why not give some of them a fair run with our first team .

Well , for sure, Everyone here will agree - An Academy product becoming a great player here at chelsea is more pleasing and heartwarming than watching a proven player come to chelsea and making it big ....

what ya' all say ????????????

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If we are looking to buy a centre back in January as cover and lack funds, recalling Mancienne would be a good option. He has had plenty of Premier League experience and I doubt whether someone like Cahill or Phil Jones would do much better here. I think Bruma should go out on loan to a EPL side, Ancelotti still seems unwilling to use him.

The only midfielder I can see having much success is McEachran, I doubt someone like Cork will even be used as cover.

Upfront Sturridge should be playing much more given those such as Anelka's poor form; same with Kakuta, he is now 19,= and has got to be better then Kalou. I wouldn't be bothered if Borini or others left, as I doubt they can make it here.

It would be good to see Ancelotti use Sturridge, Kakuta and McEachran as impact players while we are struggling and I cant see a reason why we have to buy an average centre back. Would like to see Lukaku come in the summer also.

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Rajkoviv Is an interseting 1, he's meant to be a quality player but hasn't been anywhere near the first team. it could be a situation like with alex where he was on loan at psv for 3 years til we felt in was ready. Who knows? if he's turning out good performances then I'd bring him back, he's also classed as homegrown aswel.

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It's hard to tell which youngsters will make it our not, often they look amazing in the reserves but then all-of-a-sudden can't cope in the Prem. A patient approach is needed as they need time to get used to the pace of the game. I agree though hat s far the most promising ones seems to be Kakuta and McEachran, though we need to give them time and not get on their backs if they have a bad game.

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Is Mancienne getting game time at Wolves? He doesnt seem to have played very often this season, though I dont know if thats through injury or form.

He's been out injured for the last few weeks, otherwise he has played holding midfield, will have to fight to get his place back

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Unfortunately for Mancienne he is too lightweight to be a CB, but he is quite capable at RB or a DM. If he were to come back, I don't think he'd make it as a CB and then at RB he's competing against 3 international players in Ivan, Bossie, and Paulo.

Same can be said if he were to try at Dm. He'd be against Mikel, Ramires, and Essien.

I don't think he has a future with us. Same for Jack Cork. he's been good at Burnley, but not showing enough to suggest that he hasn't already found his level. I also think Burnley are keen to get him permenantly, and he's keen on regular footy, so this may be case closed. I'd class Woods and Clifford in here too.

Rajkovic is a bit of an enigma, but if what Charierre has said above is true, then maybe we'll see him come back. I know we spent a lot to get him, but I've also heard he is a bit of a nutter! So maybe his time in Holland will calm him down. Also, if I'm not mistaken, he's worn the Captain's Armband a couple of times too while in the Eredivise?

Looking at our current, non loaned, players I certainly think PVA, Kakuta, and McEchran all have a future with us. I'd really like to see Bruma play more as he reminds me a little of a young JT. However, when I have seen him play he isn't as positionally aware, and somethimes that's a trait you either have or don't. CHalobah is only15, so who knows there. But he has seen some playing time, so not all lost. I'd also add Matic in as a potential player to make the first team.

Then we have Gokan Tore who I think looks something special. We also have Billy Clifford who looks promising too. Add in Sala, and Mellis and to be honest I think only one of these may make our team.

Up front we have Borini who seems to be in a rutt right now mainly due to a plaguing injury that keeps recurring. This is a vital part of his career, and when I've seen him play he certainly seems a useful option. Lalkovic looks good too, but again they'd need to start making appearances on the bench for me to feel they have a realistic chance.

A lot of what happens to these kids will depend on what happens to the first team. If we buy in a load of experienced midfielders and attackers, than I'd say we sell some of these kids on and start making money out of our academy. The truth of the matter is, that's what an academy is for. Bringing through some potential players, or selling them on to other clubs for money.

Personally, I feel we'll maybe be about 5 of the players mentioned above make the grade. The rest will move on.... in my opinion

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Well said Scott. Very very good summation of everyone.

I too think MM would be better for us as a RB, and if he has a chance with the big team its there. But I think him and Cork will definitely move on to their current homes permanently. Borini is done too, I think, just from the noises his representatives have made.

PVA, Josh, Kakuta, Bruma, Matic I all see having an immediate future. Rajkovic I am doubtful but at 21 if we want a ready made CB to come in we should give him a shot.

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Matic isn't really young. Never should have been loaned out after getting rid of a few midfielders...but then I suppose Josh is considered higher in the order...which leads me to think Matic won't make it here.

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I think Mancienne's future in the club depends on what he wants with his football. If the most important thing for him is football week in and week out, he's better off somewhere else. But if he'd be happy to be a squadplayer, I think he would be a usefull player for us. He is very versatile, and could be our Brown or O'Shea. Not the most talented players, but they are lojal and puts in decent performances whenever and wherever they play. I'm sure Ferguson is very grateful to have players like that.

As for Cork I think he don't have a future in the club unfortunately. I thought he might have a shot of making it with us after a very impressive loan spell last season, but when he got shipped out to Burnley again this season, I doubt the club can see him in their future plans. Think he'll be a great player one day, but in a different club.

I think both Rajkovic and Matic deserves a shot to make it in the club. If they're not good enough, the sell them. Some interesting quotes from Vitesse coach Alberto Ferrer on Rajkovic at the bottom of this article by the way.

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Matic would have been real handful for us this season ... I 'd really wish chelsea to call MM back !

Matic did not look entirely out of place in his few appearances last year. He has a calmness about him on the ball and of course the size. Would like to see him contribute next year as a squad player.

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