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Chelsea vs Ipswich (FAC) KO: 15:00 [09-01-2011]

Eton Blue at the Chelsea Megastore

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To try and get our minds off today's defeat and focus on the next game...

I'd go with the following:






And I reckon 2-0 to Chelsea. Goals from Sturridge and Lampard.

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Frankly we need to play a side with as few connections (confidence-wise) to the first XI as possible. Add to that the fact that a few of our first teamers have been playing with knocks and need a rest.


Ferreira-------------Bruma----------JT------------Van Aanholt



-----Kakuta---------------Sturridge--------------Zhirkov (if available)

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I can see the youngsters coming in and hopefully doing a job.







Let's get the Drog firing again.

I'd expect a bench of Brani, Essien, Kalou, Anelka plus youngsters Mellis and Clifford. How it's going will determine what changes we make.

Any win will do, the more convincing the better.

Without showing too much disrespect to Ipswich, how much of a confidence booster will we get from beating a struggling championship side with one eye on a carling cup semi?

Also if a few changes are made and we win in style, will Carlo consider putting out the same side against Blackburn? Doubtful.

Maybe this game could be the making of a few of the youngsters. Give Carlo some more realistically options.

Anyway I'll be the Harding Lower and intend to vent my frustration in the direction of that w**ker Roy Keane. Not that he hear me from there, but what the hell.

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Not sure if we can afford to put a reserve GK in this one. What if? Realistically, this is the one trophy we can win. Otherwise, I think Malouda, Anelka, Essien etc needs to be benched, add Lampard and Ashley as they have been overworked lately.

I'm not going to predict a result, got it wrong every time for the last 2 months :Connie_threaten:

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Lampard has played 4 games in ten days after two months lay off. He needs a rest. Drogba and Kalou should be on the bench but I somehow feel the latter will start again. I want to see the following starting eleven


Bossy Bruma Ivan PVA

Ramires Essien Josh

Sturridge Anelka Kakuta

I think Nico can use a goal right now and playing in the center of attack might be just the thing he needs. He's been bad of late but he is an intelligent player, much more so than many others.

Thats what I want to see but then something tells me I'm in for disappointment but I cant seem to put my finger on it.

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With his job on the line does Carlo have the balls to throw all those youngsters in? He's in a situation where even Ipswich at home cant be taken for granted. I hope I'm wrong but I think we'll see something like



Ramires -Essien


Anelka- Malouda


He'll be looking to win the game first, and then give the youngsters some time.

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Nice to have a break from the PL and take thes pressure off everyone with this FA cup tie, although the unthinkable - a defeat, and the pressure would be worse than ever.

Really can't be bothered to post a team as it never gets me anywhere. Suffice to say my line up would not include Drogba, Malouda, or Kalou. One of Essien and Ramires would also be dropped - don't think we can afford to drop both but it's a toss of a coin job as to who has been worse.

McEachran HAS to start, ditto Sturridge and Bruma and hopefully PVA to give Cole a rest. Anyone know whether Borini is fit? I'd play him ahead of Anelka or at least on the bench.

Yet another MUST WIN GAME!

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I watched Ipswich lose at home to Forest and it has to be said they were piss-poor. They're currently 19th in the Championship and should be a walkover. However, the way things have been going recently, if we're at all serious about progressing in the FA Cup (and I've still got a sneaky feeling that the club are saving it's performances for the Champions League), then we simply can't afford to take anything for granted.

It'll be their Cup Final after all. They'll be up for it and they'll raise their game as these kind of teams always do.

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As bad as my predictions , (and everyone else's) have been of late I am confident of a victory albeit a scrappy one. I think he'll go with much of the same side as Wolves, it's these players that he has to get believing themselves again. If we are 3-0 then he'll bring in the youngsters. I would leave Drogba on the bench and play Sturridge, if he is still suffering from Malaria why is he playing at all when there are fitter guys on the bench. ::ChELSeAFaN::

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PVA, Bruma, McEachran, Sturridge, Kakuta should be the first names on the team sheet for this one. None of this "we need confidence" bollocks like back when we played Marseille, throw them on and see what they can do, they can't be much worse than recent weeks.







I think that's what it'll be. Anelka looks fed up to be playing on the right wing, let's see if he does any better, if not, bring on Drogba, and let Anelka warm the bench for the rest of the season.

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None of this "we need confidence" bollocks like back when we played Marseille

Exactly what I was thinking. It maybe simple enough for us, but you can bet Carlo will be in a dilemma because in spite of all the recent showings, there won't be a better if at all another opportunity, to 'get back confidence'. Carlo's under tremendous pressure and if saving his job is his only priority, you can bet there will be another Marseille-like line up out there.

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Sturridge just scored 5 goals for the reserves. If he doesn't start on Sunday (and to be honest, the run of games after) God knows when he will do.

Be straight on his phone to his agent saying "get me the f*ck out of here ". To be honest I wouldn't blame him he is chomping at the bit to be given a chance

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Remember those awful red jerseys , dont think they lasted long though .

Bloody awful kit!

Here's a goal from the Ipswich cup game I mentioned, it was bad enough to see our lads in red at away games, but at the Bridge...

This wasn't a one off, we played a few cup games at the Bridge in our yellow away kit - I think back then both sides had to change if there was a colour clash in a cup game.

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