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Woy's gone

Eton Blue at the Chelsea Megastore

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Roy Hodgson and Liverpool part company

Liverpool manager Roy Hodgson has left the club by mutual consent.

The 63-year-old took over from Rafael Benitez in July but has endured a poor Premier League campaign with the club four points above the relegation zone.

Former player and manager Kenny Dalglish has been placed in charge until the rest of the season.

"Both parties thought it in the best interests of the club that he stand down," said American owner John Henry in a statement on the club's website.


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And Dalglish is in as caretaker, god this is hilarious. The perfect manager, a historical throwback for a club that only looks backwards. I hope he relegates them.

Oh and thats another great Liverpool myth busted, so much for them always supporting their manager and never sacking them.

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With all their calling for Dalgleish to come in I really hope he's a massive failure, then we'll see the true sentiment of the scousers when they start calling for his sacking and throw all kinds of insults at him as well.

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Well I dont really give a sh*t about Liverpool anymore...they are just some average team thats going to win nothing for the next years. Roy Hodgson or not... Even though I have to admit Hodgson is an absolute c**t.

Funny you should say that:

Lawrie Sanchez - Liverpool are not a big club

Former Fulham and Northern Ireland boss manager Lawrie Sanchez tells a 5 Live discussion on the future of Roy Hodgson that Liverpool "are no longer a big club."

LINK (including audio)

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Roy obviously should've done better than he did, even a little better. But the whole club is broken and they all seem to think they will get a new man in charge and it will all be right as rain.

In any case, I am glad he left there. Roy is a good guy and he really didnt deserve the "support" they offered him, or players who didnt perform like Konchesky. He has done nothing there but pay them lip service and defend himself against over the top criticism, and they have made him into the antichrist for it. Hopefully Rafa comes back and they get relegated to shatter these ridiculous delusions once and for all.

You should hear them on facebook this morning , 'Were back , hail King Kenny ' , even some of the insults thrown at Hodgson are disgusting .

Hope Man Utd hammer them tomorrow.

Someone went way way too far with it on RAWK, compared suffering through Hodgson to their biggest tragedy (yes, that one) . Obviously they were banned, but they accused someone from a rival site of hacking their account to post it, and then post their details. You couldnt make it up. Theyre making all these legal pronouncements there about how they are going to take action, so mods if you need to please delete this. :rolleyes:

Thank god I can come to this site and talk about this sport and club I love with reasonable, level headed people without succumbing to the ridiculous extremes that push people that far, and lead them to say and do things that are beyond the pale. I accept the vast majority of Liverpool fans arent extremist nutters, but the militant opposition to Roy, and the slavish devotion to Rafa are clearly at the root of someone going way way too far.

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Oh, and:


Liverpool legend Phil Thompson believes that Roy Hodgson had no future at the club once he had lost the supporters.

"Six months is not long enough, not just for Liverpool but for all managers,'' Thompson told Sky Sports News. "Everybody should have a chance.

"What we've seen at Liverpool in the last month has been unprecedented, unparalleled in the way the fans have turned. Even in the dark days of Graeme Souness' reign, there were no universal chants for Graeme to go.

"Liverpool fans felt as though we were different, we don't do things like that, we stick together and we stick with the club. Now the fans had even started taking the mickey out of their own manager, chanting 'You're getting sacked in the morning'. That is incredible.''

I really wonder what Souness makes of it. Whatever you think of him, he is a pretty straight shooter.

The owners clearly foresaw this when they hired Roy. Why else did they tap Dalglish to take such an active role in getting the new manager?

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