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CFC fans footy tournament

Mike O
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We've been invited back to play in the CFC fans footy tournament at Cobham. As you'll remember, we performed superbly well under an incredible manager two years ago but missed out on a place last year.

Now the key thing to register herein is that I don't have time to sort this out this year so someone else will need to step up to the plate. First task is to register interest with the organisers asap so sign up below if you want to play. Loz can then appoint someone to manage team and sort out all comms.

The mail I received on Sunday is below (from Cliff Auger, a bit of a CFC legend himself)

Hi all,

Chelsea have given us the go ahead for the Supporters Football Tournament to be held once again at Cobham. The date will be Sunday July 10th 2011.

You have all either expressed an interest in entering a team or have entered in the past. If you want to compete in this years event please officially enter by MONDAY, APRIL 18TH 2011 at the latest. We will try to get a place for all entered teams but if there are too many a draw will be made at the last fans forum of the season. At the moment, the only guaranteed team that will play this year are last years winners cfcuk.

For those of you that have not played before, it is an 11 a side competition and the only difference to normal rules is that we have roll on, roll off substitutes. Going on past experience, you will need a squad of 15 or so. There will be a small cost for each team which covers the price of the referees and the St. John's ambulance people. Any extra money received and proceeds of the raffle on the day are donated to charity. I will let everyone know the amount when costs are added up.

It is hoped once again that the club will send some of the Chelsea Old Boys down for the day to help out and will also provide prizes for the winning teams. A refreshment van will also be on site.

If you have any questions please let me know.



Loz has the email address so lobby him to register asap.


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I feel like I shouldn't be saying this but I'll have a go. I'm not very good - I haven't played 11 aside for 20 years (injury ruined a promising career when I was 13), but I'd like to be part of the squad, I play 5-aside twice a week!

Can we get a few players along that aren't necessarily members of the forum if we need to?

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In match chat I'm widely admired for my tactical insights and the sensible advice I text to Ancelotti. For the benefit of the Shed End Athletic FC I will develop an app, called ValTac. Dizzy heights to be reached, lads!

Now, where is my typewriter?

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Is this a one day tournament?

I would love to play! I am a left footed striker or winger with plenty of pace, and in my prime at 26! Play 5 a side every week but can play on the big patch too. Played as a centre back for a couple of seasons before as well, would be happy to play wherever.

I live in Belfast so if i was playing I would be flying over and staying in a hotel somewhere, good opportunity to take the lady away again.

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I've got Managerial experience Mikey boy!

and got a midfield brain like Alan Hudson but the legs aint there anymore!!

Can't drink for months on health grounds either so that has to put me out

of contention!!!

Good luck mate and no trying to leather the ball over the thames at Kingston in practice!!!!

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