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Mark Hughes?


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i wouldn't think chelsea will go for Hughes because he doesn't have a profile as such to manage a big club...

Didn't stop Abramovich appointing Grant, did it.

Personally, I'd love to see Hughesy given a chance at Chelsea, he's a lifelong Chelsea fan, and was very popular here as a player. I also think Man.City made a big mistake in sacking him, they preferred to go for a big name manager rather than one who knew the Premiership and its players, and was therefore more capable of doing the job. Bit like Abramovich and Ancelotti really.

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I agree about having a manager that is British. I am a little surprised that David Moyes isn't linked as he would be my favourite. Done wonders on a shoe-string budget has massive potential as well.

I really like David Moyes as well. He has done a marvellous job at a club in a lot of financial trouble. He looks like a no nonsense manager and I doubt many players would slack under him. That we always seem to struggle against Everton indicates just how good he is as a managr. Some of his buys have been so good you wonder what he would do with a bigger budget.

Honestly I really like Moyes and would love for him to become the next Chelsea manager.

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