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Mickey Thomas


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I was fortunate to meet Mickey Thomas last night. He was at a Charity fundraiser called 'Legends of Welsh Football', a curtain-raiser for today's qualifier. I bumped into him as we got there at the same time, so I had a chat with him about his time with us. He was obviously delighted to be able to share his memories and described his debut - the home win over promotion rivals Sheff Wed when he scored two first half goals - as 'the best day of his life'. He told me he'll be going to watch us at Stoke next weekend, so I hope he gets a big cheer from all the away fans at the game.

Sadly, neither Joey Jones or Eddie Ned were there, so I couldn't get the three Welsh members of John Neal's great side together in a picture, so I had to settle for just him with me and my younger son:


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Did you ask if Mickey was still in the printing Business??.

A mate of mine asked him if he regretted playing when he did, given the way wages have gone through the roof in the last decade. He said that, if the police hadn't caught up with him, he'd have been earning what Ronaldo gets today.

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