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Bournemouth's Callum Wilson is the latest striker said to be of interest to Chelsea following his impressive start to the season. 

Wouldn't be a bad option as a second choice striker given that I could see Giroud leaving at the end of the season.

No idea what sort of fee Bournemouth would want though, probably £30m upwards. 

I think we need to see how Morata's season pans out first because an outright first choice striker might still end up being a priority. 

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2 hours ago, yorkleyblue said:

Seems his best return was 8 goals last season.  Not really what we need, is he?

As a first choice striker no. 

His 8 goals was last season which was from 23 starts and 5 sub appearances. Based on minutes played he averaged a goal every 2.8 games (round it up to 3). That's not bad for someone playing at a mid table club. 

The season before that he got 6 goals in 20 games (4 as sub). Meaning he was again more less getting a goal every three games. 

His total for the Premier League to date is 25 goals in 72 appearances. 

For comparison Giroud's record is 69 goals in 202 appearances which also gives an average of a goal every three games. 

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I think if Giroud and Morata continue scoring the next few weeks we won't buy anyone until the summer.

Re Wilson he plays in a 4-4-2 with Josh King with us it would be a different set up and I think for the money we spent (for me £50m) it would relegate the others to the bench.

Here's a clip of his goals a reasonable variety of finishes.




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Not convinced about his movement or technique at this stage, plus he's not exactly known for his aerial prowess. 

As impressive as they have been, performing well for a club like Bournemouth is very different to performing for a club like Chelsea. Against Chelsea, defences drop deeper and organise themselves more effectively so close control in tight spaces, smart movement to drag defenders out of shape or the ability to fire in a header is important. 

Callum Wilson is more like the super-sub you'd bring on to poach a goal against exploit tired legs, but even then Morata has executed that role fairly well in the past. 

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12 hours ago, Davey Baby said:

He was literally giving his opinion.

There is literally no possible way you could know he was just giving his opinion. 


He could replace Giroud who I believe is out of contract in the summer but unless Morata continues his upward curve in form for the rest of the season, we’d still need a proper first choice striker. 

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5 hours ago, RIP Mourinho said:

Played it as if it was a matter of fact.


When somebody says such-and-such would be a great signing, as they do all the time, they are stating their opinion.


If I say Messi would be a great signing and would bang in 30 goals a season, that is an opinion.


If I say Messi scored 30 goals last season, then I'm playing it as a fact.


And that's a fact. Quite literally.

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Marko Arnautovic and his agent have said he may seek a move elsewhere, possibly as early as January as he feels he is the right age to move to a big club and that he wants to challenge himself with the best players. 

Been tentative rumours linking us to him before although Manchester United are apparently favourites to sign him (and we all know how well the last 29 year old signed in January worked out for Jose's United). 

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I’d love Callum Wilson. Great player imo, and even if he won’t be first choice he’d still make a great second choice.

I think it would be a smart move, there’s rumours about Giroud leaving in January so Wilson would be a decent replacement, and see how he works out. If he doesn’t turn out better than Morata then I guess we can replace Morata with a big money move in summer.

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If it was a simple choice between Arnautovic and Callum Wilson it would be Arnautovic any day of the week, Arnautovic is as close to a replacement for Diego as we're likely to find. I think he'd be a more than adequate replacement for Batshuayi but the question I ask myself about Callum Wilson is whether I could see him playing in a Champions League final, the answer is a resounding no.

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On 06/11/2018 at 21:28, hclundgren said:

feel as if willian's time at chelsea is coming to an end with the rumours linking him to barca-would like to see him stay for a couple more seasons ,still a great asset to the club i think

Yh, Cant see him turning down Barca tbh. Wasnt he even close to Joining United in the Summer?

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