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7 hours ago, Bonzodog29 said:

I was thinking along the lines of assuming we cant get one of the worldie keepers out there, we have to assume Kepa stays for 8 mil and say to him show your form and you will be number one, prove you are better than kepa and you will be the choice hopefully he will raise his game as, like you say at 27 he should be able to get form back and also it could push Kepa to show whatever it is that made him so highly rated before we bought him.

I followed it up after I posted about this and it turned out Butland's been struggling and performing very poorly as of late, that's the reason they want to sell him relatively cheap. Apparently he had a save percentage in the fifties and made a number of howlers that led to Stoke dropping points.

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29 minutes ago, sabin6912 said:

Interestingly it seems like Ilkay Gundogan has inadvertently confirmed that Claudio Bravo is leaving Man City. Anyone? May I suggest a back 5 of Bravo, Moses, Christensen, Rudiger and Emerson for next season? 

I think the idea is to improve our defence not make it worse.

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1 hour ago, mwblue10 said:

He left on a free, we didn’t sell him

Yes, he ran his contract down and left when it expired because of lack of opportunity under Sarri. Big shame as he looked very promising in the one pre-season he had when he played a few games. He must have been well pissed off when we signed 38 year old Robert Green to be our #3 ...

He's not had much opportunity at PSG either, so might be receptive to coming back if #2 was dangled at him as a realistic objective by end of 2020/21.

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A number of Barca players are supposedly up for sale:

- Pique

- Busquets

- Jordan Alba

..plus a few others. Would you take any?


I would maybe take Pique and Jordan Alba. Doubt they would be too expensive and would provide experience. 

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38 minutes ago, dkw said:

We shouldnt go anywhere near Pique, he has lost all pace he had, he gets beaten with absolute ease now and is a liability. Theres no way he would replace the defenders we have even now.l

Pique wouldn't be terrible on a free transfer, but people aren't realising that these Barca off-casts are still going to be expensive signings due to long contracts and big wages.

Pique's biggest problem is that he simply hasn't transitioned his game with age; he's actually still decent in the tackle but he still marauds and tries to close down in midfield, he goes to ground for covering tackles etc. - not exactly what we're looking for in terms of a commanding centre-back. Besides there's still the issue he has had his whole career and that is he's a complete non-factor in the air, rubbish at defending crosses and corners. I think even Messi jumps higher.

Also he's a massive f**kwit that I'm sure Lampard and Cech want nowhere near the club.

Jordi Alba though...I'd take him for 25m or less and save up for another run at Chilwell or Reguilon outright next season.

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