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Joe Strummer


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Strummer, Clash singer and staunch Socialist was a blue. But what would he have made of the modern day, rich Chelsea?

Would he have remained a true blue?

19 year old Joe Strummer wouldn't have gone for modern day Chelsea. That is supposing that 19 year old Joe Strummer could exist in present times (he couldn't).

50-something Joe Strummer would have remained a Chelsea supporter and I'm sure had mixed feelings about some things, as many of us do. Either that or his passion for football would have dissipated. I doubt he would have just switched to Spurs or Arsenal.

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Strummer wasn't a massive football fan. Said his team was Chelsea but he certainly wasn't as passionate about the sport like he was about so many other artistic and moral elements in his life. Sure he enjoyed some footy banter with Jones and Simonon though (QPHa fans).

He only died 9 years ago so he wouldve seen the way modern football had developed/was moving and im sure it was something he wouldve been disillusioned with but i doubt it it would've have given him any sleepless nights.

Very proud to have had someone with so many wonderful and inspirational virtues claim to have supported our team though.

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