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Jason Cundy

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anyone else watch 'your on sky sports' last night?

a united fan rang up spouting bullsh*t about how if we win the title its because of the decisions against spurs (as expected from a united fan).

Jason Cundy jumped in straight away asking if he was a united fan which yep, he was. Cundy then went onto say that united have benefitted from more than a few decisions this season and that he believes whoever wins the title will be the team that deserves it. The united fan like all the over manc c**ts out there couldnt agree that united had ever benefitted and kept trying to explain how that chelsea wouldnt win the league without the linesmen on sunday, jason then pied him off and got on with the show.

i couldnt agree more about whoever wins the title deserves it. Whoever has the most points over the 38 games deserves it and in my view that is it.

Although a few months ago i didnt think chelsea did deserve to win the league as everything went so bad and it felt like carlo and the players werent putting 100% in.

do you lot think we deserve to win the league or are we lucky to be in the position we are in?



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I think that over 38 games, the team that finish on top deserves the title.

Every team encounters difficulties during a season and it's usually the team who deals with them the best who ends up on top.

Exactly - if we win the title, it's not not because of the refereeing last weekend, it's because United have only managed 7 points from their last 6 away games and have somehow managed to throw away a 15 point lead. My United supporting friend tells me that they haven't played well at all this season and the only reason they're top of the league is a combination of lucky results and the rest of the league being even worse (I know, I've somehow found a sane one). As far as I'm concerned, whoever wins has been the best of a bad bunch and therefore deserves it.

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