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Chelsea vs Norwich 1987


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We played Norwich first game of the season a few years later and there was a bloke in front of me in the queue for the Benches, the bloke on the turnstiles tried to charge him extra for the tiny baby he was carrying, what ensued still tickles me to this day, he said something along the lines of;

"What, you want me to pay for the f**king baby? Do one mate!"

"Sorry you've got to pay"

"Look I'm not exactly thrilled that I've got to bring it to football with me, specially on the first game of the season, I've already missed the pub before the game and I'm sitting in the benches. Why she's gotta go back to the hospital on a f'kin Saturday is beyond me. Look I ain't 'appy and I'm definitely not paying extra."

The turnstiles turned and the bloke and baby entered the ground. Doting dads eh?

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