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Everton v Chelsea

Mike 93

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do you live abroad cam? or got one of them boxes

Australia mate.

Usually we get all 10 games each week...but on the final day, Foxtel selects the games that have more importance...which this year isn't ours.

It's weird, they have one channel with a main game, and 4 alternatives...then they have the sports news channel showing another. Unfortunately, the other two Foxsports channels are showing live golf, and tennis :(

They could theoretically show all 10. They could show the other 4 on the news channel, since they're already playing a game there...but no...

Ah well, I think I've been spoiled being able to watch/tape every other game this season (except the FA and League cups)

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That sounds good mate atleast you generally dont get to stream.

I bet your on the coffee because of the time :)

Don't drink coffee..have always hated it.

All the time means, is if we put in a crap performance (which this season is all too often), my anger is often elevated. Going to bed muttering about how bad your team is is frustrating lol

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