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Hi everyone my name is Milivoje i am from Melbourne Australia born in Australia parents are from Serbia. i am a true chelsea fan i have supported the club since 1998 from when i was 8 years old my first ever football shirt was a chelsea home top auttoglass sponser with the old cfc crest i still love, my mum got me the shirt from the famous queen victoria markert in melbourne and from then i became a huge chelsea fan loving the likes of zola,jimmy floyd h, carlo cudicini, claudio ranieri, JT, Marcel Desaily, Frank Lebouf, Le Saux, to this day i am 21 years old now i keep that shirt my love for football is huge and that was my first ever football shirt hence why i started supporting the blues.

From 1998 to the point Romano took over i was a massive fan id watch every game id support the club even if it played against a serbian club like red star or partizan i loved the club. but when roman took over something changed for me i lost the passion as it felt like the club changed in a way, one of the reasons i loved the club was because it was unique someone supported Chelsea in Australia back then i use to get bagged for it now those same idiots that bagged me for supporting a " sh*t club like chelsea " wear chelsea shirts and claim there chelsea supporters thats what changed for me in a way.

i still follow the club but not near the same passion as i did pre abramovich the passion was still there in the first season of abramovich era as cladudio was in charge and even in jose's first season but as i said when idiots who use to hate the club started wearing the blue shirt it made me angry other reasons also contributed for my loss in passion for the CFC but i dont want to go on a ten thousand word essay.

anyway if anyone finds my story intresting has any questions please ask or if anyone has any stories they like to share in the pre abramovich era id love to go back down memory lane.

Edited by real chelsea fan 1999
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