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Vintage Blues pictures and film

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Those pic's Carshalton think they are from the Charlton game we had to win to avoid the play off's 87/88? Think I can see someone I know , we couldn't get in the shed as it was full  so ended up in the north stand then escorted to the benches

Look at the top of the fences. You see the small spikes. To put the electric fence up it was added to inwards with barbed wire and the electric cable at the top. When thet was taken out they added more barbed wire. This was done pre Tottenham at home April 85. Its deffo mid 80s shame the bloke who took the pics didnt write the games on the back

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It use to show certain phrases and the shed would start singing. "Come on u blues!!" Too young to understand (78/79 was my second season 10/11 yrs old) at the time, but one of our worst seasons ever. We won 5 games all season, went down with 22 points 2 pts for a win back then. We had no money selling Wilkins Stanley Wicks and Swain and go and buy an electric scoreboard!!!!

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Peckham Blue that game was Morton's only ever tie in Europe. So you witnessed history :biggrin:

That was the first season (68/69) I went to home games regularly, I was 11.

The first leg at the Bridge finished 5-0, with goals by Hollins, Boyle, Cooke, Osgood and Birchenall. The second leg at Cappielow ended 4-3 to Chelsea (Baldwin, Tambling, Birchenall and an OG).

Despite getting hammered a few Morton players went on to play in England; John Loughlan, Tony Taylor & Borge Thorup (Palace), Preben Arentoft (Newcastle), Gerry Sweeney (Bristol City) and Joe Harper (Everton).

Typical Chelsea, in the second round we drew 0-0 twice with DWS Amsterdam and got knocked out of the cup on the toss of a coin!

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I must have been 7, it was my second Chelsea home match from memory, the first being against Arsenal on Boxing day '67.  My Dad did take me to a reserves away at Brentford around that period, he must have borrowed a car 'cos I remember going in one and at the time we didn't have one.  Lots of first teamers playing, Ossie and co.

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Its strange....I was reminissing (?) about my young chelsea days......When i saw what i saw at Tottenham circa 67/68, i wondered why a boy as young as i was (12) and a placid young fellow too, was so taken by the chelsea fans doing the do in the park lane end.....Id never felt violent as a kid and was an avid animal protecter then......Cant put my finger on the thing that flicked a switch in my psyche to enjoy footy stuff like that in an immediate way.......Now id better watch my self at nearly 60 (this year) in case spudos want to rain blows on my ageing body........

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It was the sense of belonging,camaraderie and a chance to experience being on the edge of terror !

S'funny,although the films about fv are all generally rubbish the common thread in all of them is that they get right the first moment the younger character gets involved and the adrenalin rush he gets .

I can remember being absolutely terrified at what was going on around me seeing mates get hurt and the sound of glass smashing,loud shouts and screams until all of a sudden the moment came when you knew you had to do what you gotta do.

Afterwards it felt like you'd lost your viginity and you wanted to do it again and again............and again!

Not condoning it just telling it how it was.

The exuberence of youth.

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