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Vintage Blues pictures and film

Carshalton Blue

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I played in the annual competition in Fulham Baths in North End Road when they boarded over one of the pools. For the scouts and for a club me and a few friends formed specially for the competition called Vandyke.

Played there a couple of times myself......with the sponge ball lol....we were called the Royals

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Anyone go the night game up there league cup I presume. Was at the back of their end with one of the blokes who got sent down recently (his nickname was an inner London suburb on the way to Wembley) and his chaps......the whole end parted and we scattered them everywhere. I suppose like everyone else they'll chant "Where were you..." when we draw them in the cup this season !

Yeah I was there, all I remember was a guy in a lemon pringle jumper and white jeans (he stood out a mile) going into the Walsall end and goading the Walsall, respect to the guy but he took a kicking.

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Something a bit different for you ex Skinheads amongst us.




Remember going to a pre season friendly in 1971, Fulham V Man Utd (yep, that's correct!). 1,000's of Stretford Enders turned out.

After the game we were in the front carriage of the Tube, of which most were filled with them. When we pulled into Charing Cross, there were around 100 Chelsea Skins (maybe DH & friends), on the other platform chanting Chelsea songs. 

Utd fans were going mental, but few seemed interested in getting off, and going round to say 'hello'!.

Also remember that although they had their share of Skins, a lot of them resembled 'Grebos' in their dress sense. (Older fans will know what i'm referring to).

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A muddy David Speedie (dunno the year and the game) :




Great photo. I know football has moved on (and a lot of it is for the better), but that's what I remember about playing and watching football back in the '70's. You would come in absolutely caked in mud and it would go hard on your legs and your mum would throw you in the bath and then go mental when she saw the state of the bath and towels afterwards!


Do footballers boots even need cleaning these days?

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