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Vintage Blues pictures and film

Carshalton Blue

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The above pic came from a Bolton forum, there's posts off them taking the Shed & doing our North stand, first ive ever heard of that?



I went to virtually all our games in the 70's, and certainly don't remember Bolton ever bringing a mob down, let alone taking liberties in the Shed. They hardly had a mob even at their home games, seems like there are a few dreamers on that site, lol.

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I also can't remember Bolton bringing a mob down in the 70s I remember the graffiti though 'Matt BWFC' it was seen at most second division grounds at the time think it was done on the Friday night before they played us. 

The following season on the Friday night before we played them a few of us had a drink in the Rising Sun hoping to catch sight of him and teach him the error of his ways unfortunatley there was a no show

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brilliant had the cats kit myself.....also had the peter bonnetti gloves...plain green cotton......happy days...

I had a pair as well, just thin green cotton gloves. Nothing like the baseball mitts they wear today.

Also had some Geoff Hurst boots, dark green with laces at the side.

Neither made me a better 'keeper or striker though.

Those were the days, playing on the gravel pitch at the Eel Brook, with the open changing shed at the end

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Just read through some of that Bolton tripe. They're referring to Stamford Bridge as a dump. Ha ha. If slabs of concrete terracing are dumps then every stadium in England used to be a dump as that it what they were. Burnden Park wasn't exactly salubrious was it? Didn't they have some sort of weird half terrace, half supermarket look going on in the 90s? And of course no matter what Stamford Bridge has looked like aesthetically, it was still in SW6...as opposed to...erm...Bolton. I'd rather live in modern day Syria.

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remember him going to Scotland..did a stint as a postman after retiring.....I don't think he ever got over the criticism that came his way after the Germany game was not the same keeper after that...still a legend in my eyes though...


He was the postie on the Island I am from.  He also bought a house that used to be a Manse, and I believe it has a few gravestones in it.  So he ran a guest house, and delivered mail.  It was down the other end of my Island, so I never really got to see him.


Incidentally, the guesthouse he used to live in is now for sale..

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Chelsea v Leeds United on August 12 1972 as the Chelsea players walk out at Stamford Bridge.


Players in the photo from front to back are Eddie McCreadie, Peter Bonetti, Peter Osgood, Charlie Cooke and Alan Hudson.

Chris Garland touching up his locks and Paddy Mulligan at the back.

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fantastic memorys....good spot with chris garland and paddy mulligan...think that's peter houseman behind ossie...my fav kit as well with the 2 stars on either side of the lion representing  the fa and cup winners cup trophys...my how the yrs have flown by..


Think you're right about Peter Houseman. Trying to work out who is between Hudson and Mulligan. It looks like Steve Kember but I might be wrong. Yes, it was a great kit.

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