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Vintage Blues pictures and film

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10 hours ago, Devil Dog said:


Embarrassing day for Palace. We were given the whole of the Homedale Road end, plus the seats behind the terracing in the Arther Wait stand. Palace were getting around 5,000 at the time, the official attendance was over 19,000 there were more there than that and we were everywhere that day. I was in the seats behind palace and it was a great game atmosphere wise. Look how packed we are in the background of the picture. Great days!!!

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4 hours ago, erskblue said:

Dec 76 at The Bridge, i think ?!

I think you're right there. Kenny Swain and Alan Sunderland both played in that game. Apologies if someone has posted it already, but can someone stick up a picture of Ruud in a Chelsea shirt? I'm useless with these newfangled computer thingies.

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