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Vintage Blues pictures and film

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programme cover for Chelsea v Roma, Wednesday, 22nd Sep 1965 A 4-1 first leg win over Roma in the Inter City Fairs Cup.  Wed 22nd Sept 1965.  Terry Venables with a hat-trick.

In the 32nd 40th and 46th mins.  George Graham completed our scoring in the 67th min.   Eddie Mac was sent off in the 28th min with the score at 0-0.

So even more impressive was our 4-1 win.  A crowd of 32,753 saw it.

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Chelsea 4-2 Liverpool May 91  

This was Graeme Souness's third match in charge of Liverpool and his side were three points behind league leaders Arsenal with three games to play. A win at Stamford Bridge therefore was imperative. But Chelsea, with ex-Red Bobby Campbell at the helm, had a point to prove, after being hammered 7-0 by Nottingham Forest in their last fixture. Here's Martin Tyler.

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From a website called mod to suedehead.

When we're talking football I was wondering about the following: I think it's generally accepted that skinheads started in the East End whereas the North Bank Arsenal was apparently the first skinhead 'end' that was being established a such. Comments?
Not sure that skinheads started in East London, I like to think it was West London 


 To be honest i do not think anyone knows for certain. One thing.. they began in London. Again not sure that the North Bank Arsenal had the first skinheads on their End, I was never interested in football, and only started to go to Chelsea because of my mates, I started to go 68/69 season by 73 i had been nicked 13 times, 10 of which was related to Football. My mates would get all upset if Chelsea lost, I could never understand this, i just went for the fighting, I enjoyed going all over the Country in a gang of 1000s, for a couple of years the Old Bill got the run around.. they just could not get a grip of the shear scale of the violence. it was a glorious time. Even now at 57 i look back with no regrets, I never hurt anyone who was a innocent or a by stander, The violence was between two consenting supporters. I remember against Arsenal 69/70 season coming out of Chelsea ground, I heard a rumble looking up i saw Thousands of Arsenal coming at us, for a moment we turned to run, but because of shear numbers no one could run so we turned and ran at them, I had a bloke come at me with a axe, he chased me around a parked car, I dived over the car and landed under a Police Horse, and managed to get away. West Ham had a rep at the time, but to me they always looked 3 years older than us, them Men we was just Boys, I saw many a act of bravery which in a Army blokes would have got medals 


 When i started work in the building trade, you would get loads of Skinheads on site, training as apprentices, I would work all over London and the City, You would walk on site smart as fcuk, and meet Skinheads from all the football mobs, Although we was enemies we all became firm friends only how teenagers do, One lad a Millwall supporter is a friend to this day, I would often go to Millwall with him and he to Chelsea with me, just for the rucks. By the way i only learned about the Off Side rule in 98 my younger Son explained it to me, It was the first time at Chelsea since 73, I go 3 or 4 times a season these days. I get bored by half time 

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16 hours ago, erskblue said:

programme cover for Chelsea v Coventry City, Saturday, 23rd Sep 1989 Sat 23rd Sept 89 and a 1-0 win over Coventry City.  Kevin Wilson our goal scorer in the 5th min. 18,247 saw it.

Bloody hell, your making feel old Ersk, 30 years!! remember that game, I was injured so couldn't play football, so went with my old man, sat in East stand middle, great view, can even remember what I was wearing!! Illuminase green t shirt and jeans, following games programme you could see me in a distant crowd shot, my t shirt stood out a bit!! Well it was the 80's, I was 20, fake tan and all that. Happy days

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