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Vintage Blues pictures and film

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12 hours ago, Richard P said:

How times had changed. All the vehicles parked there when I started going in 78 were all light blue three wheelers!


2 hours ago, erskblue said:

Top 10: British three-wheelers | | Honest JohnOdd things no longer seen around the football pitch - Football ...

Here you go.



One of the guys I go the games with told me a story about the three wheelers. Years ago he knew someone who used on them and was regular attendee at the Bridge. Before one game my mate was offered a lift to the game by the owner. The cars did have space for a passenger. My mate is very tall so it must have been a tight squeeze. 

At half time the owner asked my mate to go and get something to eat and drink. If memory serves, there was a snack bar near where the Shed met the East Stand. My mate runs from the car to the snack bar. He got some funny looks from the crowd, police and stewards. They were thinking, this guy is running so why does he need one of the three wheelers. I've never asked him but I suspect that there were a few chants aimed at him.

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5 hours ago, Ewell CFC said:

Good old Sheila. I wonder how many people were on the club payroll in the 70s/ 80s compared with today? 




Had to laugh when Bates bought the club he said the club gave too many tickets away to famous people. There were too many people employed by the club and didn’t know what they did and we had the only lottery game that lost money!

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