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Vintage Blues pictures and film

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1 hour ago, chi blue said:

Imagine Messi and Ronaldo playing on those pitches in their multi coloured boots and about to get flattened by Chopper Harris

They’d very probably have a temper tantrum in the warm up, when they saw their multi coloured boots had just got muddy😀

Then they’d eventually get up after Chopper Harris had flattened them and I do mean eventually...

And oh dear, Eddie Mac would just go in with a ‘robust challenge’😀

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46 minutes ago, bluehaze said:

This is an NF leaflet as you will see with the anti-semitic nonsense I wasn't sure whether to post it.


Love the “Chelsea fans must fight back”

Hardly anything else back in the day....

Remember the NF boys selling copies of Bulldog between FB station and the ground. Never quite got that as a couple of the lads who hung around with us worked in North End rd market and were Jewish, but always got well “involved” at WHL

Chelsea here, Chelsea there...

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14 hours ago, kennypaul said:

You were right to post it. They were quite ubiquitous back then at the bridge, though some revisionists like to state otherwise.

Agreed, regardless of personal opinion this mob are part of Chelsea's history,  here's hoping the club continue to learn from those days going forward.

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9 minutes ago, bluehaze said:

It was a great day the pictures have been posted so often I bet it feels like you were there 😁

Yes never get bored of seeing them, can remember the day even though I wasn’t there, I was 15, hot weather, my mum and dad had gone Saturday morning shopping, my younger sister was hogging the TV  watching Metal Mickey! So I couldn’t see score on teletext, I was gonna pull rank  on her and take over TV, but she would of caused Merry hell when my parents got home, eventually at 12:15, I got TV and Grandstand/World of Sport came on, it was half time, and reporters were mentioning Chelsea’s huge support!

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