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Hello from Glasgow

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Hello people

I am a Rangers fan from Scotland but like my uncle, whom I go to the games with, I also support Chelsea.

Having signed up for the Rangers equivalent of TheShedEnd - FollowFollow - I thought that I may as well join in here as well and keep up to date with all the goings on. Unfortunately in Scotland there isnt a great deal of coverage of the english game in the newspapers and so a lot of activity goes past without notice.

I have just finished university and got a full-time job so hopefully by saving the pennies I will be able to get down and take in a number of Chelsea games at long last, something I've been wanting to do for ages.

Cant wait for the friendly game at Ibrox. If it is as good as the last one then we should all be in for a very enjoyable day.

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Welcome Ranger

Every other Saturday's my half day off

And it's off to the match I go,

Happily we wander down the Paisley Road

Me and my wee pal Jock,

We love to see the lassies with their blue scarfs on,

We love to hear the boys all roar,

But I don't have to tell that the best of all,

We love to see the Rangers score,


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Welcome pal, like you I'm a student in Glasgow and manage to spend money I don't have on travelling to watch Chelsea.

I've found it's relatively cheap to watch away matches up north at Wigan, Blackburn, Bolton etc. Easy ticket access and affordable travel to and from on the same day.

See you at Ibrox in August!

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