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TV Matchday Experience

Scooby Blue
Eton Blue at the Chelsea Megastore

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Get ready for the TV matchday experience that feels so real you'll believe you are there...


Last updated at 10:30 PM on 2nd August 2011

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Settle down in your favourite armchair, put on your headset, look right and see the packed Kop and hear it roar.

Discuss team selection with your friends, who just happen to be scattered around the world, and prepare to watch Liverpool v Manchester United live from Anfield without leaving your home.

Or share a view with Roman Abramovich by choosing a seat high in the West Stand at Stamford Bridge and savour Chelsea against Arsenal. Or maybe watch El Clasico in the Nou Camp.

Revolution: Get ready for the TV matchday experience that feels so real you'll believe you are there

This sci-fi technology is less than five years away from reality, according to Richard Scudamore, the chief executive of the Premier League, and it will transform the way the television audience views football.

‘It is the sort of thing our kids are playing with all the time, an avatar type of thing, available in your own home,’ said Scudamore. ‘It might sound a bit “blue-sky†but it isn’t.

‘It will certainly happen in my working life. Immersion technology is being developed right now where you can sit down with headphones and a screen, and reproduce the feel of being in a stadium.

‘You can call in your mates to sit next to you and chat to them. If you turn your head one way you’re looking at the left-hand goal and the other way you’re looking at the right-hand goal.

Bold claims: Premier League chief Richard Scudamore is confident the radical changes will be seen during his professional lifetime

‘You could be in Hong Kong on a Saturday afternoon at 3pm, deciding whether you want to be on the Kop at Anfield or the Holte End at Aston Villa. I see that vision and I can see it happening. I’m quite excited about it and it’s the sort of thing we should be doing.’

The Premier League is already deep in talks with Sony and EA Sports about applying this technology to live football, which Scudamore admits will mark the end of his ‘39th game’ idea.

Instead of playing matches around the planet, risking the integrity of the Barclays Premier League and a backlash from the clubs, this will enable fans anywhere in the world to take part in the matchday experience.

The Premier League will also consider extending its successful pre-season competition, the Barclays Asia Trophy, to other parts of the world.

Scudamore added: ‘There will soon be a technological development that will allow people across the world to have a much richer experience of watching football.

‘Our efforts and energies are focused in that area, rather than the old-fashioned and passé idea of flying around the world playing a 39th game. We’ll find a technological solution.’

Global audiences would reap the greatest benefit from such a technological stride and it could be a significant bargaining chip as Scudamore starts to renegotiate the overseas television rights, worth £1.4bn for the current deal which has two more seasons to run.

Eyes on the prize: The widespread use of Sky 3D has already had a major impact on sports coverage

At a time when ticket prices are soaring, there will be an appeal to domestic audiences too. They would be able to watch live television games in this way but the Saturday 3pm window remains sacrosanct for Premier League games in the UK, limiting the choice of games available here.

‘We wouldn’t do anything to undermine the 3pm window,’ said Scudamore. ‘I would rather people were attending matches in England, whether it be at Barnet or Arsenal. Anything we did to undermine that would be difficult for me personally and professionally.’

Sounds like a pretty amazing idea and I'm sure it would attract a lot of interest, particularly for those out there that can't afford to go very often or live far far away. Be interesting what this would cost though.

personally I prefer to be there and enjoy everything that comes with the day out.

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sounds amazing indeed, have a feeling its going to cost a lot though.

If it costs a packet then it really is authentic, you will need a scratch and sniff card as well.

Also ....when you get up out your arm chair at half time can you pretend queue for 15 mins for the bog then down your pint in 2 seconds flat and still miss the second half kick off. After the match queue to get out of your living room for half an hour then go down your local pub and make them let you wait another half an hour for your next pint

now your getting close ::ChELSeAFaN::

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